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    What's Your Confession Story?
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    What is Your's Confession - This Confession is all about my first LOVE

  • Divyesh Vaghela, Watched every Alia Bhatt's movie

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    Confess about my gf
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     Mujh say meri gf bhuli nahi jaati,mera life ka chain khatam ho gia,yeh loss kabhi poora nahi hota,sala pyar hona nahi chahiay,ladkianh is dukh koh kabhi samaj nahi paaiangi,unki life settle or happy walay pose ki photo,jab hum buray hi thay toh hamaray pas nah aatay,not able to adjust,request hai,kisi ka dil nah toroh agar aap sach mein pyar kartay hain,ladkianh kabhi pyar nahi karti,life easy kaisay cut sakti hai,yeh hi mein moto,mein kabhi bhi nahi bhul sakta apni gf koh,woh toh pakka bhul gae hogi

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    About Merriage?
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    HI, mere sath maximum hota hai or sab girls k sath hota hai..ap kisi ko reply nhi kroge to kamine kuch tarkhi bolne lgte...hello sex hello nude hello ye de do..hello ap fake I'd...or vo b chordo hey chudel...jinse haan penchan b nhi..sochte aise bolege to guse me reply krdegi ..ajlal meme ek fnda lgya hai..bs screenshot lo block kro or family members unke unki I'd se lekr ya cousin ya frnds vo b khakr female jinke comments kbhi kbhi unke wall pr bej deti...juti chatne lg jate hai...

  • I have a

    strange problem and I would appreciate if you could suggest some solution to it. I am married for two months with my girl friend and we have been into a relationship from past four years. The problem is the she does not wish to get physical with me. Before marriage she said that she only wished to have it post marriage and now she is not comfortable doing that as well. I have spoken with her and she says that she is not comfortable getting physical with me. The times we got physical, she just did for me and that is something I do not want. Kindly suggest some solution for the same. We have had much discussion, quarrels regarding the same but nothing has changed. 

  • I need a Help from you. I am getting married in the month of april 2008, Ours is an arranged marriage,my fiance is bit introvert,reserved,don't like socialising more etc kind of a person, whereas i am exactly opposite to his qualities, I am really confused, should i go ahead with this marriage or not, basically he is good of heart, caring, loving, but can't express his love more to me & more he is mom's boy, so i am vry confused. Moreover his family members are orthodox and i believe in logical and practical thinking. Can we lead a vry peaceful and lovable life. I a vry confused, Will my proffesional as well as personal life will get affected because of all such qualities?? 

    I agreed to this marriage b'coz of my parents ? Can i ever love him or i have to just adjust with him??????? I am really vry confused abt all this.

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    please advice me.
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    i met a girl and she never told me she had a bf. soon i did find out she had a bf. but it was already late for me. i was already falling for her. i told her how i felt about her. thereafter, we came really close. intimacy increased. once we kissed each other. both of us were equally at fault (not mine or her alone). even after that we continued our friendship and came close (not physically). now her bf has asked her to leave me. she wants to leave me but she doesn't really want to leave me. i hope you get what i mean. everytime she talks to me or meets me now she feels very guilty. i cannot and don't want to leave her. she's taking her bf's side. i think the reason for this is that she thinks "he has been so good and forgiven me for what i've done". but honestly i don't think she would want to leave me if it was her decision. 

    i never want to leave her.