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    how and where I catch my girl-friend

    Try to engage online with your partner using an alias

  • It’s something to bond over.

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    What makes you feel most loved?
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    what is love?
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    About my relationship?
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    Hi, Love Guru I am following up a girl of my locality for the last three years. But i have not the courage to have direct talk with her. I am little bit of worry about my economic standard in compare with the girl. Thougu i love her a lot i haven't talked with her. And the way she behaved with me when ever i have encounter in raods it seemed that she also likes me. Please suggest whether i should approach her?

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    she says I am very unromantic
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    Hi love guru, I love my wife very much. but she says I am very unromantic. What I should do? 

  • I am in love with a girl who has been liking / loving me since last one and a half year back. I came to know about it just 6 months back when she expressed her love for me. Thereafter I too fell in love with her. Now we are deeply in love with each other and wish to marry each other. We both are adult.

    The problem is she is just half my age and moreover I am a divorcee. Also her parents are against the funda of LOVE. She loves me very much and i am afraid that if her parents refuse to accept our love she may leave her parent's house and come to stay with me. Please advice, is it OK and if not what should I do? 

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    Bf say no for merriage
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    My problem is that I love one guy and he also loves me as he says to me. We both belong to the same caste and earlier there parents were ready for our marriage but due to some circumstances or u can say some misunderstanding created between our parents, they are not ready for our marriage. This person is saying to me that lets forget the past and it doesnt effect to our parents that much as we both belong to same caste. Earlier he said he will marry me when i will having my passport and i have applied for that and next month i will getting it in my hand. Now when i said to him for the marriage he said he is not going to marry anybody to the next one year 

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    what i can do?
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    I am a simple guy, living life. Facing the music everyday and taking life as it comes. My confrontation with LOVE, its affects and effects could be inspiring or problem solver to some. Enjoy the most precious thing we have got as Humans, Love. Take littel Love, never expect Love but Give Love, Give Love and Give Love as much as you can

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    How Would You Define Love?
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