Sweetest Good Night Messages and Quotes for the Special One

Sweetest Good Night Messages and Quotes for the Special One

A romantic goodnight message is an important aspect in any relationship. It reflects your deep love for that special one. Here are some sweet and romantic messages that any couple can use to greet each other.

15 Sweetest Good Night Messages For Your Lover

  1. Honey, my life is as dark as this night without you near me. Good night sweet heart.
  2. When night is all set to greet you with sweet dreams, I dream to caress you and murmur in your ears how much I love you. Good night sweet heart
  3. I just want to be that sweet breeze which can come near you and embrace you with my invisible hands. Goodnight darling.
  4. Splendid dreams that adore your night is my wish for you sweetheart.
  5. Night embraces the world, kindles the romance and all I can think is about you. Goodnight darling
  6. Moon is just a globe of light in front of your shine. Love you a lot my moon. Sweet dreams my love.
  7. My heart beats with each beat calling out your name with all the love in my heart. Good night my dear.
  8. Let the blanket of night bring loads of dreams along with the embrace of love. Have a blissful night my love.
  9. Night is no scarier when you are beside me but it is a fairytale time with just you in my dreams. Goodnight darling.
  10. When you are set to sleep, cuddling your teddy bear, thinking about me, let me tell you I also think about you. Good night dear.
  11. Every hour seems like a day when it is about waiting for you. I wish the night just sheds away and I can just meet you.
  12. Night just turns out to be the most blissful time when you are all that I see in my dreams. Goodnight my love.
  13. The beautiful night with the blissful moonlight and the humming breeze and you beside me is all that I yearn for. Goodnight my sweetheart.
  14. Moon knows how to embrace earth with its charming touch and it reminds me of us. Wishing you a blissful night dear.
  15. I have just you and our dreams. Wishing you a goodnight and sweet dreams.

11 Best Good Night Quotes

  1. I do not fear the night any longer for I have passionately loved the stars.
  2. The sky grows darker in shade. It gives the appearance of a painting – blue over blue, stroke by stroke, as deep as the shades of the night.
  3. The moon does take one right through the darkness, into the light, but it prefers to stay in the dark. This makes it visible.
  4. With the purity possessed by the night, it lets one dream, think and love. The intensity of the night is true, exceeding that of the day. Words spoken during the day echo during the night and reveal their true meaning.
  5. Good Night!! Parting comes with its own sorrow, hence I will keep wishing good night while it is morning.
  6. Nights are not just about getting rest. One has a chance to forgive and smile.  Night prepares one for the challenges of the day that follows.
  7. Once the day is through, the night arrives. There is no point in dwelling over what has been in the day. Be absorbed in your dreams through the night. Tomorrow brings a new perspective.
  8. It is just before the dawn that the night is the darkest and the same goes true for life. Once the difficult times are through, things get better and the sun shines bright.
  9. Days are for interaction and meeting loved ones. The night is for sleep.
  10. A very good night to all - the stars, the air, and the noises at all places.
  11. When the night is darkest, the tomorrow that follows is the brightest.

10 Great Good Night Statuses

Here are some great statuses which you can consider to post to let your loved ones know about your feelings.

  1. Night is here and I am waiting for the dreams to meet you
  2. You are my star that brings the light to hide the darkness around
  3. The shine of the moon resembles the beautiful smile on your face
  4. I share my dreams with the moon and the stars and they have sent the breeze to you to convey my love.
  5. Moon mirrors your beautiful space and the love in your eyes.
  6. When you look at night and see the beauty of the moonlight, then you have known what love is.
  7. The moonlit night with the soft touch of breeze is all that romance is about.
  8. Night cannot deny how much it misses the moon.
  9. When the flower blooms enjoying the charm of the moonlight, it is pure love.
  10. This night, the drizzle, the moonlight and you, And I realize how lovely my life is.

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