Marriage and Relationship: What Is The Ideal Age Difference?

Marriage and Relationship: What Is The Ideal Age Difference

Being in love is an amazing feeling. When we truly love, we don’t really care about looks, height or age. But do you know the age difference between you and your partner can determine how long your marriage will stay? Well people say when it comes to love age is just a number, but the age gap can actually affect your relationship.

Women usually want to marry an older man and men want to marry a younger woman. This is the psychological nature of human, but what should be the ideal age difference between partners? Well, the age gap depends on you. Your country, upbringing, and thinking plays a huge role in counting the age difference. Here are some common age differences between couples all over the world.

Age Gap of 7 years:

This age difference is very common between couples and is considered as the ideal age gap. Having a difference of 5-7 years is good for the relationship. The compatibility between partners is perfect, they understand each other more than others. There is no ego issue between both the partners. Your thinking chances in every 3 years, when there is a gap of 7 years between people their way of thinking become different, which make it easy to take the right decision if there is proper understanding between both. Life goes smooth with this age gap.

Age Gap of 7 years

Age Gap of 16+ Years:

This age gap is huge and can lead to many conflicts. At starting everything seems perfect but when couples start living together and start taking responsibilities, they understand how different they are. Such marriages are usually stressful and have a short span. Both partners belong to a different generation. They have a different way of seeing life. One will be in Chatrooms and other will be in office, one will be interested to watch a movie and other will be interested to go on outing.

Husband don’t treat their spouse as a grown up, they treat their wife as a child and ignore their opinion most of the time which could be quiet irritating. The husband's family and friends are much older and wife's friends are much younger, this makes hanging out difficult. The get-together becomes weird in such cases. Your weekend plans may also disturb your mood. One wants to go to the club and party hard while the other wants to relax at home and watch some movie.

Sexual life can also be disturbing. The sexual need of both husband and wife will be different which will lead to conflict. Complete physical satisfaction is rare in such cases.

Pro is the care between both. Husband usually pamper their wife a lot. Even if the wife is short-tempered, the husband usually comes out to be calm and patient in this case. The wife can act childish and be herself without thinking too much as her husband is there to handle her. 
Overall, marrying someone with this huge age difference is not a good idea.

Age Gap of 16+ Years

Age Difference of 1 Year:

Marrying a person with almost the same age has its own pros and cons. As both partners belong to the same generation, their way of thinking and responding to certain situation become same. Compatibility between both is great. You will be having an ideal romantic relationship. It was recorded that the rate of divorce between couples of one year age gap was only 5%. As both belong to the same age, family planning becomes easy. Both know when they want to have kids and when they want to focus on career. If both have same interests then nothing like that, together they can do anything, it can be as naughty as random chat or as enthusiastic as horse riding.

One problem with couples of the same age is the ego problem. As both have the same wavelength in attitude and thinking,  a lot of conflicts take place between them. They are more childish and there is lack of maturity between such couples. These type of marriages are usually based on the level of friendship between both people. To live happily, both have to adjust at some point and should be able to handle responsibilities on their own. With less age difference, divorce happens mostly because of ego clashes. 

Overall, marrying someone with 5 to 7 years of age difference seems to be best. But marrying someone of the same age or way older is also not a bad idea if understanding between both the partner is good. If you both support each other, have a good understanding and mainly, if your love is pure, your marriage will definitely last forever.

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