How to Win Your Girlfriend’s Love Back!

How to Win Your Girlfriend’s Love Back!

Being with your loved one feels heaven, but this love becomes torture when your partner leaves you. Being alone and missing your girlfriend is really depressing.

We waste most of our time thinking about why she left me and at the end, we get no genuine answer to it.

Well if she ditched you for someone else then you should get over her and be happy that the relationship ended. But if she wasn’t looking for someone behind your back and still left you, then there might be some other reason.

We often think that our girlfriend lost the interest in us, that why she left but sometimes the problem is with us. Sometimes we do a few things without realizing how it could affect our relationship.

If you did any of these things then it might be the reason for your breakup.

Dominating her like a boss!

Most women are submissive when it comes to love. They want a man who can protect her and guide her in life. But this doesn’t mean ordering your women like a boss all the time. There is a difference between taking all responsibilities and behaving like a leader.

Most women are independent and they too want to take some of their life decisions. If you always dominated her by saying don't do this, don’t go there, don’t wear this, I am saying so this is right, then this might be the problem. Woman want a partner in her life, not a boss.

Hiding parts of your life

For a long-lasting relationship it is important to treat your partner like a part of your life. When there is no long and meaningful conversation between partners then the bond eventually becomes weak.

If you never spoke about your ambitions, fears, your favorite childhood memory then why would she feel special? Just talking about the day and what your partner ate is not enough to keep the bond strong.

Complaining 24*7 like a victim!

This is the most common reason for a breakup that men don’t realize. When they are in relationship they always use bad words for others. Having a bad day and telling about it to your partner is okay but complaining about why you are suffering all day long can affect the relationship.

Whining about how sad you are, complaining about your boss, family, colleagues every time makes a woman think that you are very weak. You can't stand by yourself and always need support to keep pushing you in life. No women want to date a sadist.

Taking her love for granted

“We realize the importance of something when it’s gone” this statement is true. She cares about you, calls you to ask about your day and you think she is being clingy.

Well, she did this because she loved you, Getting a woman's care is bliss which most of the men take for granted. By not valuing her you slowly made her realize that she deserves someone who respects her efforts.

There might be some other reasons for your breakup. Once you realize her importance and want her back it becomes late. Well if there is love alive between both of you then you can still win her back. All you need is to put some efforts and follow these tips.

You Will have to act wisely to get your girlfriend back on track

Replay your initial stage of the relationship, remember how your relationship started? Those long conversations, grooming yourself to impress her, making her smile by your silly jokes. That’s the smile you have to put back on her face.

Make her realize that you are ready to put efforts to get her back in your life. Even if she doesn’t agree for relationship start it with the friendship that you had before. Win back her trust as you did before.

Appreciating differences is important

You both might have different choices, different opinions about something. Don’t force your thoughts on her, try to see things from her eyes. To make any relationship successful it is important to respect each other's choices and differences.

It is possible that sometimes she might not agree with you, accept it and value her point as well. Don’t repeat the same mistake you did before of dominating her all the time.

Try Creating Memories

To win her back it is important to make her miss you. If she started talking with you again then ask her out. Take her to a beautiful date or a long drive. Spend some quality time with her. This will make her miss you when you are not around and will increase your chances to get her back.

Impress her as you did before

Remember how you were ready to put all your efforts to win her at starting? Repeat this step again. Dress up before meeting her like you used to do, crack jokes to make her laugh. Make sure she is comfortable with you again.

If you find something good in her then compliment. Compliment her about her looks if she is all dress up. Girls won't show but receiving compliments makes them feel great.

Doing these small things might help you to get her back. Sometimes you might feel like giving up while trying but then remember that you want her back. Once she is with you never repeat the same mistakes you did before.

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