How to Write a Compelling First Message on Online Dating?

How to Write a Compelling First Message on Online Dating?

We have often come across a phrase that “the first impression is the last impression” and this is somehow very true. The first impression that you leave on any person about you. This may be your first meet or the first message that you hit in a conversation.

Your first “hi” can be your last “bye” if the person doesn’t like you. Online dating websites are often an advantage for people who find it difficult to face strangers. It gives an opportunity to start a conversation and know one another in the best possible way. 

You Must Know The Difference Between Reacting And Overreacting

But the most important thing to keep in mind is that overthrowing your excitement in messages is often a kill. No matter how good you are, if you are boring your message can get archived in no seconds. No one likes people who are too eager to know everything and dig a lot in one go.

Patience Is a Virtue That Can Build Relationships

It’s okay if you initiate, but at least let the person take their time to decide if they really want to go ahead chatting with you or not.  There are people who keep messaging one after another which is the biggest flop. 

If the person is interested in talking to you, they will surely revert. But this does not necessarily mean that you have to show that you are available at the same second even if they replied after an hour.

Buy Yourself More Time To Respond With Your Opening Message

Take a little time to reply opening message and then start with a very sober conversation.There are people who often are a grammar Nazi, thus you need to keep in mind that using too much of words like “wat, hows's, luv, dere” doesn’t really sound cool. 

You can start with a polite “Hello or Hi” followed by a simple question. The mantra is not to convert it into an interview. People who start asking too many questions in the very first conversation sound really boring. This is very obvious that if you approach a person then you must have gone through the profile.

Get Your Unwanted Emotions Under Control

Do not sound desperate. People who emote too many feelings in the first conversation often sound very desperate and are not like by anybody. You need to understand that it is not important that they always like you in the first go, you need to give time to know you better and change their perception about you if they have any. 

Get Your Unwanted Emotions Under Control

Two-Way Conversation is Very Important

The conversation should always be two-way and should turn-up to be interesting. Now how to turn up a conversation interesting? This is very simple. Try to know the person better by asking questions like “what are their interests or how do they like to keep themselves busy?”  

Checking their profile previously will give you an idea but try to lift-up the conversation. Like if they say they like reading, then you may ask about their favorite genre or author. People who have weird similar interests often attract one another. Thus, this may be a big win.

Too Much of Compliment is a Big No!

“Too many compliments are bit-outdated!” It might be possible that you can’t resist the compliment. But try, not to do it too eagerly. Phrases like “You have the most beautiful smile in the world” sounds more like sugar-coated words rather than real compliments. 

Focusing too much on the physical beauty of the person will make you look lusty. People always prefer laying a relationship with someone who loves them on How they are, Who they are and not exactly What they look like. Commenting too much on looks often gets you blocked.

Digging too Much Will Hurt Your Pace of Conversation

You don’t have to dig a lot. Digging too much into one’s personal life is something not liked by anyone. Not everyone is open to sharing everything about themselves and their past. Too many personal questions about past relationships may offend a person. 

If the person gets open to you and finds comfortable sharing everything, he himself will make a move. Simple questions about their beliefs and interests always work well.

Say The Right Thing at The Right Time

Check your clock before your message. If you are living countries apart, you need to check the correct time to message. Late night messages are not a good idea. The best time to message is the late evening when most people are free and heading to their cup of coffee. 

Talking about the day and telling them that they are efficient at their work is a good comeback. There might be a situation when a person is having a very bad mood, probably a bad day at the office or a bad comment. This is actually the situation when your single message can make their day and lift their mood.

Your first conversation isn’t rocket science. But it isn’t a fairy tale too that you are supposed to write. Keep it simple and practical. The right message can help you get into the right relationship. 

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