11 Reasons Why Flight Attendants Make Better Girlfriends!

11 Reasons Why Flight Attendants Make Better Girlfriends!

You were traveling via a flight and found yourself attracted to an attendant at once. Later you were fortunate enough to fall in a relationship with her. Doesn’t that sound like any fantasy or a fairytale? But what if this fairytale comes out to be true.

 Dating a flight attendant is one of the best things in the world. This is just not because of their supreme visual looks but the characteristics that they hold. Here are the reasons why dating a flight attendant is one of the best things you can do.

1. Their calm and subtle behaviour

 No matter what, flight attendants know how to tackle any situation with patience. This is one of the most important characteristics that make a relationship a successful one. It is just not their job where they deal everything with patience but with time this comes in their nature too.

Relationship Counselors says that even if one of the partners in a relationship is patient then the relationship lasts forever and thus you can expect the same out of your relationship too.

2. The smoking personality

The screening of any flight attendant is quite thorough in nature. This nourishes and develops their personality in the best way possible. She knows how to stand in a crowd with confidence and mark her presence. 

3. She has seen the world

It is quite true that dating a flight attendant is bliss. It is like seeing the whole world through their eyes. A new experience in their life is an excitement in your relationship with them. They will know a lot about the places and thus, they will help you in seeking more information about the world in the best way possible.

4. Hold better experiences with people

A flight attendant meets a variety of people each day. Some of them may be rich or someone who has invested the whole of his life earnings to that flight tickets. They actually know the real face of people and how to deal with them. 

You don’t have to be jealous of them meeting new people as it is their work and they know how to maintain the line. You are one of the luckiests that she has chosen among those thousands of people she met in her life.

5. She is not demanding

You don’t have to think much about traveling and paying her expenses. She has already seen a lot of new places and find peace at home. After long days of them staying away from you, you will find a sudden rush of love in your veins with a hit of excitement when you meet them.

6. Perks of traveling

You can always win a low-cost deal at flights. You don’t have to adjust with your last minute plans as they can help you with big discounts on tickets fare. This little help by their side will make you love them even more.

7. They are always on time

You don’t have to wait for long hours on a date. Flight attendants keep a good eye on the time and this is in their habit to be on time. A sharp 10’o’ clock doesn’t mean 10:15 according to their watch. 

They know how to tie the neatest bun in no time and get ready without much hassle. Your ‘on the spot’ plans would be worth too if you are dating them.

8. They know what’s important

Flight attendants are quite real to their emotions and don’t find interest faking it. They are not those materialistic kinds of people who would value money instead of a person’s real emotions and feelings.

9. Adventure is the most important characteristic

Who doesn’t want to date someone who is adventurous and active? A flight attendant chooses this job as they possess this characteristic. You can make crazy traveling plans with them with the least package to hang yourself around the mountain or walking around a cliff. Your relationship will never get boring with them.

10. They are a big cynosure

You can take them to any party without worrying much about their attires. You don’t need to tell them every detail or instruct them what to wear. A flight attendant is always dressed perfectly head to toe, no matter what the occasion. She can always steal the crowd by her astonishing quality of picking up the right dresses for every event.

11. They are never boring

You can never think of getting bored at dinner tables. They always have numerous stories to share with you keeping up a healthy conversation in the relationship. Plus their beauty is so mesmerizing, when they are properly dressed you won't want the date to ever end.

You need to be very lucky to get a flight attendant select you as their partner and if you are one, never let them go!

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