Choosing In Midst Of Your Boyfriend And Your Best Friend

Why do Intimate Conversations Tend to Happen More Often At Night

When women grow up, their mothers tell them that they should always choose their girlfriends over a guy. The situation too does not matter and who you date does not matter either. It is your girlfriends who must always come first.

Young Relationships Are Immature

Young love does not last long. But when one grows older, it is okay to put a relationship on top of friendships. This happens when one is in one’s 20s. One comes to realize that most of one’s friends are not in a relationship. You begin to understand that your friends are enjoying being single.

A Clash Of Priorities Occurs

A few of the women do not mind taking their girlfriends with them when they go and meet their boyfriends. They do not mind when their girlfriends flirt with their boyfriend. Others would go any length to avoid the situation.

Easy Come Easy Go

There is no fear in being closer to your boyfriend as compared to your girlfriends. People will say that your boyfriend is more important than your relationship. But it still does not matter. Do as you please. But spending time with other girlfriends is also important so that they do not rag you.

Relationship Teaches You Lessons

One learns lessons when relationships do not last. Over time, women come to realize that they should always keep their boyfriends over their best friends.

These lessons come with wisdom. When boyfriends are not on priority, the relationships do not last. Similarly over time, the relationships that one develops are more mature.

Complex Situations Are The Order Of The Day

One is sure to have a lot of girlfriends who are single. They are just about sure to try and mingle with you all the time. So one has to prioritize in midst of one’s boyfriend and one’s girlfriends. Girlfriends also understand that you need more time into your relationship. This gives you more time for your friendships and relationship alike.

One Has To Be Careful

Your boyfriend is likely to be the person whom you will marry and raise a family with. He is likely to avoid sending you to parties where you will meet your ex. But does this mean that you are distancing yourself from your friendships? No.

Keep Everyone Happy

It is best to keep everyone happy, your boyfriend and your best friends. This will keep you happy in turn. Close relationship bring a certain degree of maturity into one’s attitude. If your friends understand, they aren’t going to mind.

The Future Is Important

Over time you are likely to be more concerned about your future. Hence it is okay to be more focused over your relationships, friendships and career. So, one will find happiness by spending time with one’s friends. You must meet often and talk every day.

When they call you, be there for them. This way, they will come to understand that when your boyfriend needs you, you will be there for him as well.

Don’t Turn Your Back On Friends

One has to in life be selective of friends as well. There is no point in avoiding friends. But it is best to have friends who understand that you have entered a new phase in life. Such friends will help you adjust to the new situations.

True Friends Never Ask You To Choose

Instead they commit that they will see you through even if things do not turn out nicely. True friends understand your feelings and are always there for you. They understand situations without the need to explain. They always try to avoid hurting you.

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