What Defines a Successful Marriage?

What Defines a Successful Marriage

When you are newly married your brain and heart is filled with all positivity and love. You can't imagine your life without your beloved, it feels like being on cloud nine. You promise each other to never fight and support each other, but after a few years of marriage things turn out different. Have you ever wondered why some couples even after 30 years of marriage stay happy and some end up divorcing even after one year? To understand why some couples always remain happy we have to understand what behaviors keeps them together. We noticed some traits in them and here are a few traits that is common in all happy couples.


A successful marriage is defined on compatibility between two people. Romance and giving time is important, but compatibility is a very critical point of marriage. Two people may have different nature, different hobbies, but when it comes to vision both partners should have the same vision. Their way of seeing life, in which direction they want to take their life, their behavior toward others, everything should be the same. If one person wants to go on a world tour and another person just want to sit at home and chill then definitely arguments will happen. You can have random chat with many but compatibility with only one, and ideal situation is that when most compatible person is your spouse.

Best Friends:

Successful marriage happens because these people are not only each others partner, they are also each other's best friend. Friendship is the root of their successful relationship. Being comfortable with each other is very important. If one can say anything in front of their partner, misunderstandings will never take place. If you are sad or have any trouble in the office you search for your best friend and when this best friend lives with you as your spouse then life becomes easy. You might have gained many friends on chatrooms, but to be best friend of your spouse is the most satisfying experience one can have.

Best Friends

Genuine Caring:

That selflessness keeps the bond strong. A survey has shown that most of the marriages end because of selfishness. When a person becomes greedy, he becomes committed to only himself. He cares less about his partner and more about his life which ruins the relationship. When two people are truly in love, they care about each other more than anything else. They respect each other's feelings and make sure not to hurt their partner.


No one is perfect on this earth, everyone has committed some mistakes in life.  Expecting someone to be perfect is wrong. To live happily having patience and forgiving your partner is important. It is also important to admit your own mistake and learn from it. Holding on to past mistakes of your partner always ends up with a fight. It is important to forgive your partner and move on from the bad times. Focusing on a happy future and not thinking about bad past is an important aspect to live happily.

Physical Satisfaction:

Just like food and oxygen, sex is also a basic need for the body. When two people are married they accept their partner to intimate. Not only physical intimacy, but emotional intimacy is also important for a happy marriage. If both partners don’t stand on their spouse sexual expectations, then conflict happens which rather lead to distance between both. Being close not only includes two bodies, but it also includes the soul and heart. If your partner is not being able to stand by your expectations then discuss this with them. Hiding thing ends up creating distance between two people. Couples who have regular sex lives more happily compared to others.


This is common in every happy couple. Those who respect each other lives together. You and your partner may have some differences, respecting your partner's choices is important. Happy couples understand each other's goals and help their partner to achieve them. Understand your partner's need and their dream helps to bring you and your spouse close. To achieve one goal, both partners have to be mutually committed to it. Giving them time to make their career, saving money together to make it happen creates a strong bond and hence make a marriage successful.


Before marrying, one should be sure if they are ready to spend their entire life with that one person. Remember that to make a marriage work, it requires constant work. Accomplishing the above points will bring you close to your partner.

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