You Want to Date in The 50s, But What Your Children Think?

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There is a quote that says “love has no limits and it doesn’t see age” and a lot of people really believe in it.

For some people, age is actually just numbers and dotage is a mere feeling that one has to keep themselves away from the social life of such people are quite interesting and so are there dating profiles.

Where acceptance is the key, to some kids this fact is quite unacceptable. “A person needs to change with time”, and this is where the conflict occurs between their thoughts and actions.

A lot of kids feel annoyed about their parent's extensive social profile and specifically their dating habits. Let's know why.

They Care Too Much

The problem behind accepting their parents dating at the age of 50 or above is that they are worried about their own social image. The thought about what people will think and say is always the biggest barrier for acceptance to changes. They prioritize the communities more than their parent's happiness and this is where the situation turns problematic.

They don’t want to share

Habituation of you seeing your parents sticking around you without any choices becomes a subjugation. This is where acceptance of a new disciple in their life becomes negligent. This is where children become rebellious about their parent's voguish life and actions.

Not everyone is against it

True to the thoughts and words to “acceptance” there are kids who are open to change for the sake of their parents. For them, what is more important is the contentment of their parents.

They appreciate them to take a step ahead in life and help them to look forward without being self-centered. They encourage them to meet new people and indulge themselves in a healthy social life.

When they are dating younger people

There are cases where people at age of 50 dates someone who just turned 25. For a lot of kids who compliment their parent's new partner age, it becomes quite onerous to accept someone who will have much say in their life.

Adjustment is an issue where a person same of their age act wiser and the need is that you have to obey them.

Their own social life is hindered

It is true that a person having a healthy social life knows a lot about the outer world. There are kids who are not comfortable with sharing their social life with their parents.

The involvement of their parents in such activities make them familiar with the outer world introducing them to their kid's social life too. “My father is on the same dating app where I have my profile” is where it turns diplomatic.

Having seen their parents as a perfect couple

A lot of kids are attracted to love between their parents and think of them being the best couple. Later with age and separation, the fact of an outsider entering in one of their parent's lives is irritating.

This is when they blame the other person for departing their parents. They feel annoyed about it and thus get irritated.

Love is important in life

Everyone needs a partner and especially when they are turning old. You can’t think of your parents sharing everything with you that they may share with their partner. When you go out for work and spend time living your own social life, your parents stay back with a lot of thoughts in their mind being unsaid and untold.

Separation in life and then living as a single parent for years is very difficult. The responsibility of raising a child solely by a single person is quite burdening and after that comes an age when they successfully play their part. They expect you to prioritize their happiness and accept them having someone in their life.

The need is to keep “what people will say” aside and enter into a world where nothing is more important than your own satisfaction.

28 December 2019

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