10 Magical tips to Add Romance to Your Relationship!

10 Magical tips to Add Romance to Your Relationship

People often complain that after sometime romance seems to drain out from there relationships and it often creates issues within the couple. This is because without romance couples start falling into a rut of daily routine. Something which was once hot and steamy is faded with time. However, there are definitive ways to add romance to your relationship.

If you belong to that category and are looking for some creative ways to help you out, then don’t worry, you have come to the right place. 

Here are some best ways to add romance in most subtle ways into your relationship

1. Exchanging gifts

Exchanging gifts never go out of trend, maybe because women love gifts. The same is true for guys well. So, don’t wait for Valentine’s Day or your anniversary, get him something cute and sexy. This can even be a soothing breakfast in bed or a sexy kiss.

2. Weekend Getaway

If you have kids, then leave them at your grandparents or at friends and take your partner to a surprise weekend. Choose a lovely place where you can be focused upon solely your relationship, no talk of work, or home or anything. 

It will give you a chance to ignite love once again and relive long lost relationship.  

3. Offer a Massage

Whenever you get time, you can offer a small message session. No need to make it all professional with scents and typical oils. You can make it a simple relaxing treatment. Work a little bit around buttocks, feet,  legs, shoulders or may be, whole body. Chances are that he will feel better and relaxed and may be a bit attracted towards you.   

4. Make Your Boyfriend Feel Special

Make sure you consider giving a tight hug or a big kiss whenever you see each other after some time or whenever you want to show him your affection. This will remind them that they are special to you and you are grateful that you have them.

5. Talk about Partner In Front of Others

Make it a point to bring about your partner whenever you find it appropriate. Tell others how thankful you are that you her. No need to make big comments on your commitments you can simply mention how you like little things about them.

6. You should know what your loved one likes

The easier way to do this is to make a check of things he would like to have in his life, some romantic trip or some book or movie he would like to see. A particular place he wishes to visit or some activity or food he is fond of. You can always write such things down and then do them when and where you get a chance. 

7. Make a romance-themed meal 

You can make any meal romantic, you just need to be a little creative about it. Like, if its Breakfast, you can make heart-shaped pancakes. Or if you are planning to make a Lunch or dinner, you can go for a “red” theme. You can even make it candlelight lunch or dinner with little decoration and champagne.  

8. Create your own playlist of romantic songs

You can create a playlist on your CD or a pen drive of your favourite romantic songs. Give it a cute name and put in on with some dim lights. The magic will appear in no time.  

9. Write a Love Letter

In this era of emails and chats, love letters have become a thing of past. However, one can never deny the importance and romance love letters bring in. No need to write something extremely beautiful, unique, if you are not very good at all this. A simple card which will be able to convey something thoughtful will work as well.  

10. Try Different Things Every Day

We have provided you with some general ideas which can help you in being romantic. However, you can always use your creative ideas to make something more personalised and sweet. Apart from this, you must be aware of what your partner talks and about some of his basic needs. This helps a bond to get stronger. 

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