20 Simple Ways To Make Your Girlfriend Happy!

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It is seldom difficult to please a girl while she loves you. It is not expensive either. It comes by as a duty for boyfriends to make sure that their girlfriends find reasons to smile.

This makes them feel special and loved. This is even while it is difficult to understand a girl’s emotions. A girlfriend can be kept happy in different ways.

Let us take a look at 20 of the things that you can do to keep your girlfriend happy:

1. Express Your Love

Hold your girlfriends hand and look deep into her eyes. Say ‘I love you’. This keeps a relationship going strong.

2. Write A Love Letter

A love letter gives your girlfriend something to read. It lets her know that you think about her all day.

3. Bring Flowers

Flowers are the simplest happiness in a girl’s life. Go to her house when no one expects you to go and take flowers. Or send flowers without an occasion.

4. Send Cute SMSs

Send a lot of sweet SMSs. She will realize that you are missing her.

5. Call Up On The Phone

Call her up every day. Ask her how her day is going or what she is doing. This will make her feel cared about.

6. Give Respect

When you give respect, you will receive respect in return. Always act chivalrously. Treat her like a princess. Your simple acts will satisfy her.

7. Your Girlfriend Must Feel Secure

You must radiate a protective streak. It will make your girlfriend happy. She will feel she can depend on you for everything.

8. Share Compliments

Girls like to be complimented. It makes them feel appreciated. Whenever you observe something nice about her appearance, shower praises.

9. Listen Carefully

When your girlfriend speaks, listen carefully. You will find her love for listening to her carefully.

10. Spend More Time With Your Girlfriend

Even if your schedule is busy or hectic, spend time with your girlfriend. Find free time and make sweet memories with her.

11. Give Surprise Gifts

Buying expensive gifts is not necessary. Give your girlfriend an ice cream or some chocolates. Go for movies together to make your girlfriend happy.

12. Make Your Girlfriend Laugh

Tell hilarious things or funny incidents to your girlfriend. When you think of something funny, express it.

13. Make Her Feel Special

Make your girlfriend feel she is out of ordinary. You must make the most special effort for your girlfriend.

14. Thank Her Regularly

Showing your gratitude and appreciation is very important. When you say thank you, it is absolutely worth it. It gives meaning to her efforts.

15. Do Cooking

Even if you don’t cook well, your intent will matter. Cooking for girlfriends is very romantic. Your will win over her heart, mind and taste buds.

16. Publicly Hold Her Hand

Holding hands makes a girl feel valued and honored. You will feel lucky to have her. It is a matter of pride.

17. Lend A Helping Hand

You need not be a superhero to solve your girlfriend’s everyday problems. Carry heavy luggage and help find missing small stuff.

18. Be Very Sweet

Being sweet expresses you still love her. Be romantic in your actions. If you are romantic with other women, your girlfriend will feel jealous.

19. Go On A Romantic Date

Go to a good restaurant or a movie theatre. Or go to a park-side booth. You can cook a meal at home. It is always romantic.

20. Value Her Viewpoint

Listen carefully to your girlfriend and respect her decisions. She will in turn respect your decisions as well.

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