Why To Chose Your Boyfriend Over Your Best Friend

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It’s impossible to get away from Cupid's arrows. But in time, your torrid romance mellows down to remind you of the presence of people around you. Then a question looms large in your mind, whether to pick boyfriend or your best friend? Probably, you must choose a boyfriend, why? Check here the reasons to choose your boyfriend over best friend?

Boyfriend or Best Friend

Choosing boyfriend over your best friend has many valid logics and some reservations too. The friends are forever, but they too have their own choices to make on their relationships and lives.

On the other hand, the torrid romance initially is fast & furious like a Mountain River, but then it becomes sedate and easy paced moment it reaches the flat terrain. Practically speaking, both carry immense value in one’s life, but boyfriend would weigh more in the end.

Loving & Tolerant Boyfriend

Your boyfriend appreciates whatever you do, whereas your best friend might ignore or reprimand you on your crazy tactics. You can post any crazy meme or app-based funny photo distortion of yourself; your boyfriend would only smile and compliment on your effort. Your boyfriend would not mind if you make his funny meme too and post it on social media.

Your boyfriend, if he truly loves you, would not object to any outfit you wear at home or when out somewhere. No matter how ridiculous or crazy you look in that outfit. He would be happy if you are comfortable in that attire. Your best friend may tell you to wear something else. There are not many people who would like to hear the truth they despise.

Money always remains in the middle of every situation at home or at a restaurant with your best friend. Whereas, your boyfriend doesn’t mind if you don’t split the bill, or you eat more than your share. The girls in love feel good if their beau take care of them and spend to make them happy.

It’s your day to cool your heels and you don’t feel like getting on with your daily routine of wearing good clothes, or put on makeup to go out. Your best friend might ask, why don’t you change the clothes or take a bath, but your boyfriend will be happy to accept as you are.

Your boyfriend will hear your trivial talks and blah-blah with appreciative eyes, enjoying every minute of seeing your mouth in action. He would be riveted to your chit-chat whether it’s engrossing or not. He would have some appreciative mono-syllables like ‘wow’, ‘amazing’ as rejoinders. But, never be too sure about your best friend, he might tell you to ‘shut up’ and give his/her piece of mind.

Lovers have their own languages made of words and silence to communicate with each other. However, your best friend would only speak in language he is comfortable talking to you. You can enjoy some intimate personal jokes with your boyfriend that spices up your life.

There are no constraints of spending unlimited time together with your boyfriend that could go on for long loving hours. You can talk on innumerable topics together in an intimate atmosphere that may not be possible with your best friend.

Your best friend would have his own personal life to follow. He may not offer much time to you, as you might expect. Your boyfriend on other hand would have all the time in the world for you.

You can open your heart to your boyfriend, as much as you may like, which you can’t disclose totally to your best friend.

Your boyfriend is a big moral support for you.

08 May 2019

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