I Love You So Much

I Love You So Much

A love story has many beautiful moments to cherish but the crux of it is the beauty with which the couple expresses their love.

The beautiful environment you choose, the splendid gifts you plan are nothing in front of the most romantic words you say or pen for your beloved to propose your love. Check these love quotes-

11 I Love You So Much Quotes

  1. I find no words in any language beautiful enough to express the love I have for you.
  2. I have never believed in destiny, until I met you and now I know that you are my destiny. I love you
  3. Everything happens for a reason, our eyes locked, you smiled, it lit my heart and now I yell out and say I love you.
  4. I may not be the perfect one around you but I feel that our hearts are perfect for each other. I love you.
  5. Whenever I see you, my heart throbs, all it yearns for is your love.
  6. My heart was sure from the first time we met, my eyes realized it next time and finally I am ready to tell you that you are the love of my life.
  7. Distance is the most accurate love detector. I have counted every second till the time you left and I have dreamed hundred times of this moment when I can knee down, look at your eyes and tell I love you.
  8. My life is all bliss when you are around, I now know that it is the bliss of love.
  9. I feel I do not want to miss even a moment of my life without you, you are the love for which I live.
  10. You are the beacon of light in my life which I always want to cherish. I love you forever.
  11. I do not know what infinity is but I can feel that my love for you is infinite.

5 Ways to Say I Love You in Hindi

  1. Aaj mausam bhi suhana hai, dil itna bekarar hai, kaisa na kahoon aaj tumse, kitna pyar karu hum tujse.
  2. Aur ek pal ka kaise intazaar karoon, pyar ki izhaar kiye bina hum saas bhi nahi leh paaon.
  3. Raat jaane raaz saari, meri sapne aur pyaar bhi, chand bhi chip jaata he, jab aap aaye mere kwab mein.
  4. Lafze na mile hume, kaise ab kahoon aapko, kitna chaahat hein is dil me aap ke liye.
  5. Woh jo baatein humari dil ne aap ki dil se kaha, who ab zuba se kaise baayan karoo. Bas itna kehna hein, hamare dil mein aap hi aap hein.

11 I Miss You Quotes for Him

  1. I keep waiting for the doorbell to realize you are so away and I cannot tell you how much I am longing to meet you.
  2. All I wish for is that warm cuddle and that is my safe place. Miss you so much my man.
  3. I miss your shoulders, the warm embrace, the pillow fights. Come back soon.
  4. When it rains, all that I want is to ride with you. Miss you a lot.
  5. Days have become long and boring without you my love.
  6. I cannot stop but thinking about you and I realize how badly I miss you.
  7. I sleep every night cuddling your pillow, dreaming about you.
  8. I realize what a demon solitude is and it is eating me up, come soon and save me my prince.
  9. Lost in your memories, I only crave for your presence.
  10. I just crave to walk hand in hand with you.
  11. The most painful thing is to realize that you are not coming home tonight.

7 I Like You Quotes

  1. The innocence in your eyes and the sparks in your smile, makes me just say you are the best
  2. Let the world go upside down, all I need is your smile and then I know everything will go well.
  3. Even when the worst nightmare haunts, the only solace I search for is your presence.
  4. Even in pitch darkness, you come to me with the brightest aura.
  5. The only name that echoes within me is yours.
  6. Each words you spoke to me still lingers in my soul
  7. You are the only human being who has embraced my heart.

7 Ways to Say U Miss You My Love

  1. I may sound creepy but I am going through each thing in your wardrobe and irrespective of how hard I try I cannot stop missing you.
  2. I poured two glasses of wine tonight and then realized I am alone. Come back soon my love.
  3. Nightmares are haunting me again; I think they sensed your absence. Come back soon, I miss you a lot.
  4. I kept on looking at your seat, the whole day and it just makes me feel lonelier. I am waiting for you my love.
  5. The red roses bloomed and I wish it stays until you come back to rejoice the beauty of our love.
  6. I keep on listening to the songs you love and keep smiling to myself thinking about you. Come back soon before I turn completely crazy.
  7. I feel my life has come to a standstill from the time you left. I am missing you a lot my life.

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