11 Important Things About Girls’ Minds That Boys Should Know!

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The perfect word that describes girls is complex. When one attempts to learn Chinese, it may come across as being easier than reading a girl’s mind.

Girls Are Versatile

All through the day, women take up a number of different roles. At times they are moms, and at other times, young professionals. They may be best friends to other complicated girls or all stressed up students.

Understanding Girls Is Difficult

When boys attempt to understand girls, they often realize that they are getting nowhere. Comparing girls to boys adds up to the frustration. Even while girls add an element of complicacy to things, they are still loving, determined, caring and willing.

Let us take at 11 things every boy should know about a girl’s mind:

1. Girls Are Impatient

When dinner is served at 7, you better be at the table at 7. If you show up at 7:15, girls would not like it.

2. Gifts Should Come From The Heart

The best types of the gifts are the kinds that come straight from the heart. A gift need not necessarily be sparkling, fancy or expensive. But pricey gifts do look nice. When a gift is thoughtful, girls will like it.

3. Girls Are Resilient

But nurturing them periodically will be very helpful. Women take up a number of different roles all through the day. This fatigues them out by the end of day.

So you must sit down and take care of kids every now and then. Women can go out and be pampered. At times, they like it when they are by themselves.

4. Keep Wooing The Girls

One should move on with life as though one is on a honeymoon. 50 years into marriage, the couple must still act as though they are on a honeymoon. A man should buy flowers for his wife. It will make her happy.

5. Perceive Girls As They Are

Boys and girls are made to be different. What boys must do is first step out of their moulds, and then they must see the girls, as they are. Girls prefer being perceived as they are. They do not like being perceived as what boys want them to be.

6. Give Compliments Frequently

Girls are fond of attention. So men must frequently tell women how beautiful they are. Receiving compliments is always nice.

7. Girls Think With Emotions

Boys’ thinking is very logical. But it is with their emotions that girls think. But it does not make their process of thought illogical. It implies that for making important decisions, a girl’s feelings mean a lot.

8. Boys Should Have A Feminine Side

Girls are very fond of boys who keep connected with their feminine-side. So boys must be fine tuned with their emotions. They must share the passion they have in life. If boys should find that their emotions are disturbed, they should cry like girls. It transforms the relationship to the next level.

9. Girls Vent More Of Emotions

Girls are very emotional. At times, they have a lot of things on their mind. In order to find an outlet, they vent their emotions. It is their way of clearing up their minds. It is not solutions or answers that they are seeking. All that they are looking at is venting out their emotions.

10. Girls Like Surprises

It is nice to surprise women when they return home from work. Planning for surprise dates defines how much men care for women.

11. Girls Like Bold Boys

Girls like boys who approach them. There is no need to worry about how to make a conversation. Go and say hello. Don’t practice lines before the mirror. Instead deliver them on the spot.

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