6 Peculiar Activities That May Devastate Your Relationship

6 Peculiar Activities That May Devastate Your Relationship

After staying some time in relationship, once intense feeling of craving, attraction, appreciation, and intimacy for your partner suddenly vanishes and your love life enters into a blind alley.

There are certain unhealthy thoughts that devastate romance. Shun those thoughts and save your long-term association.

1. Irritated & Illogical Reactions

Communication is the essence of any open relationship. However, when a partner succumbs to the negative mindset, all the logics lose their meaning.

Any positive dialogue, on the real time analysis of the situation or the individual impression, ends up with an illogical reaction. In fact, if a partner screams, emotionally overreacts or goes into a groove, it means a danger to the relationship of the couple.

Changing this situation is in the hands of the partners only. One should keep a positive outlook when hearing to the partner’s feedbacks or analysis. One should not immediately react but should let that settle down in the mind fully. Try to look into the main issue on what the partner is driving at rather than picking flaws.

2. Treachery

There is a drastic need of reviewing the situation, when instead of maintaining honesty and integrity with each other, partners start being deceptive and dishonest with each other.

They encounter an unhealthy situation where actions and words become two different acts in the relationship. You must notice an ambiguity in yourself, your partner or people around you, who would say to each other ‘I love you’ or ‘I miss you’, but their actions would betray words. This is also common duplicity when one affirms love with the partner but get into affair somewhere else.

Honesty is the best policy is not a hollow quote; one should follow this to save their relationship.

3. Suddenly You Don’t Have The Time

When a partner repeatedly shows inability to watch Saturday movie together, as they were doing for last many months, there may be something fishy. This trait of trekking a new path means you are throwing a spanner in your love machine. When you are a couple, you must try to expand your circle of friends, but not forget one at home.

This is the difference between reality and fantasy, when you live in the world of your own fantasies. You fly on the clouds while forgetting the hard ground below.

4. Individuality Hacked

The partners staying for years together, gel in to become ‘we’ and talk using this, as ‘we plan, ‘we will go to vacation’ or ‘we are watching this show tonight’ etc. This togetherness is appreciable, however, they become so much into each other that they stop respecting each other’s ‘space’.

It becomes a habit for them to intervene or control their partners. Many a times, this becomes so disrespectful that it hurts feelings. Start treating your partner as an individual who need happiness in own space.

5. Taking Partner For Granted

When partners start showing a serious lack of affection, this could be a warning sign of deterioration in their relations. Sexually, partners start feeling inadequate and vague in their intimate expressions. So much so, their sex lives become mechanical and unexciting. In the larger terms, they start taking their partners for granted and stop caring much about their feelings and needs.

6. Delusionary Approach

People, who live in a make-believe world of their own, develop lots of misconceptions about their partners. They consider their partner for what they are not. Either they set their image sky-high or tarnish it beyond recognition. They can’t recognize others on the scales set by them. This thought ruins the relationship. Accept your partner as she or he is, not what is not as per your calibration.

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