Essential Tips on How To Be That Kisser Who Knows It All

Essential Tips on How To Be That Kisser Who Knows It All

Your kiss can determine the future of the relationship and the amount of time the other person will be willing to offer to flourish the same.

Well, in case you are at a loss of ideas and as clueless as a child, here are some tips that can help you become the best kisser, or at least better one to leave an impression wherever you try your luck.

1. You Must Not Kiss All People Alike

There is a way a person likes to be approached, and it depends on person to person. To kiss all people the same way can put you in trouble.

People who want that way will hail you as the perfect kisser while the others who are not too okay with your technique can form a very different idea about you.

You must be alert and try to know what are the signs the other person likes your method, and if not, flip the process.

2. Sync With The Person

The person you are kissing must acknowledge your methods and ways. For that, you need to ensure that the ways you are adapting to are right for the other person as well. The pace should match, and the frequency and the mood must ally to make a perfect kiss and an ideal moment to cherish forever.

3. Brush Your Teeth And Use Peppermint

This is the first and foremost thing when it comes to kissing a person. You must be well groomed and brush your teeth before you go to kiss. Carry a peppermint for safety. Bad breath is such a turn-off and can make you perish due to this one grave mistake.

Always stay fresh and groomed if you want to make a mark. A sloppy kiss is never acceptable and never should even be.

4. You Do Not Use The Tongue After You Are 25

This French kiss goes well with the teenagers and the people in their early twenties. Until and unless the other person is very indulgent in this process of kissing, it is unnecessary to get your tongue to play. It gets sloppy after a moment, and the person may not like the lousy you kissing like a baby.

5. Chapped Lips Are A Big No-No

Keep your lips all hydrated and fresh when you know you are about to kiss the person. A chapped pair off lips is not just gross to look at; it will turn the other person off instantly.

With the dead skin coming off, it is not a good idea to proceed to kiss. The other person might freak out and not be in a mood to make a move even, let alone the first one.

6. Do Not Use Too Much Lipstick

Overindulgence in a lot of lipstick is not at all a good idea before kissing. The guy can get uncomfortable and not want to continue kissing if he keeps on tasting your lipstick flavours before reaching your lip-skin. The over-smearing of lipsticks too looks extremely gross and can be a mood-spoiler in no time.

7. Wear A Good Perfume

Yes, it is necessary to smell good when you are going to kiss a person. Fragrances set the mood, and it becomes very intriguing for a woman to kiss a person who feels good rather than somebody who is stinking.

The scent can set a mood and turn a woman on instantly. This will help you kiss passionately and profoundly without any hindrance.

8. Relax Your Lips

You must know when to relax and how. Being all tensed and serious will only divert your attention from the moment and make you think and over think which can miss out on the little moments.

You will regret it later on and not enjoy what you had then. Keep the mood light and focus on your much-coveted moment other than thinking about the consequences and post-credits.

Kisses are unforgettable if they are the perfect ones and can woo the person off their feet. However, the bad ones are equally memorable and can put you in the bad books for the rest of their lives. Pave your way into their hearts with these tips!

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