11 Things a Girl Does When She's Losing Interest

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If you have recently come to realize that your girlfriend who is generally loving and caring has now become cold and distant, it may indicate that she intends to break up with you.

Let us take a look at the top 11 things girls do when they start losing interest:

1. A Lot Of Drama

Women tend to easily get bored in relationships. They yearn for excitement and drama. Hence, your girlfriend might start a fight with you over trivial matters. When you fight back, it creates drama. The best way out is to plan a vacation such that your girlfriend stays amused.

2. Not Able To Find Sufficient Time

It is possible that your girlfriend is actually busy. But people who really want to spend their time with you find ways to make it happen. If you come to realize that your girlfriend is always doing other stuff, it indicates that the relationship might be close to an end. The best way to counter it is being cool and not being always available. It goes to show that you have a life as well. When you actually spend time together, let it be very positive.

3. A Less Positive Body Language

By seeing a girl’s body language, you can know a lot about her. If a girl is lying about what she feels about you, then in her body language, you will find tell-tale signs. The focus areas should be a girl’s facial expressions and mannerisms. If women point their feet away from you when they stand, it is a negative body language.

4. Odd Eye Contact

Eye contact can also tell a lot about the state a relationship is in. Interested women make sufficient eye contact. When she sees you, the eyes would have emotion in them. However, if girls keep looking around when you are around, this indicates a problematic situation. It indicates that the focus is lagging.

5. A Contact Which Does Not Persist

In any relationship, communication is very important. If a girl likes you, then she stays in persistent contact. So one must pay close attention to how is it that a girl maintains contact with you. If you used to chat all day earlier and now do not chat as much, it indicates that your girlfriend is losing interest in you.

6. Talking About Other Guys

When your girlfriend keeps talking about other guys all day, it implies that she thinks of other guys all day. This is one of the signs that there is no direction that your relationship is taking.

7. A Greater Need For More Time By Oneself

In your initial dating days, your girlfriend wanted to spend all her time with you. But now, she has begun to plan out things that do not involve you. Even on the night wherein you frequently go on dates, she seems very busy. This goes to show that she does not want to spend any time with you at all. So you must take time to think and talk about the direction in which the relationship is headed.

8. No Mutual Support

Girls prefer to be taken care of in a relationship. They like to take care of their boys as well. When you started out your relationship, you enlightened each other’s lives with your presence. But now, the need for each other is fading. If you feel that your girlfriend does not come to you for support, and does not support you when you need support, it is an unfavourable sign for the relationship.

9. Girls Night Out Again And Again

When girls are on a lookout to end their relationships, they start spending time with their girlfriends who are single. This gives them a chance to try out the single life afresh. If your girlfriend does this frequently, it is a bad sign.

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