Choose The Right Outfits To Wear To A Perfect Date!

Choose The Right Outfits To Wear To A Perfect Date

First dates are always special. The palpitations and panics are bound to follow you all the time. The excitement that you cannot hold is reflected in the number of times you peer into that wardrobe and try to find the most flattering dress for the big day. 

However, when it comes to choosing an outfit for the day, there are specific rules that you must abide by. These are the golden rules of dressing for a perfect date and are valid for all.

Do Not Overdress

Those who say no dressing is overdressing are entirely lying. Trying too hard can make it look pretentious and fake. It can have an adverse effect on your personality and make it feel like you tried too hard to impress the other one. 

Great use of colours and prints can make the entire look heavy and overpowering, especially if your date is going to come in casuals.

Dress According To The Venue

The venue of your meeting will undoubtedly be decided early. Hence, use this opportunity and choose your outfit accordingly. Making the right choice reflects your versatility and perfect decision-making abilities. 

If it is a regular café or hangout point, go for casuals that are of good quality and muted tones, especially the ones that garner the maximum number of compliments when you step out. Choosing vibrant colours can, at times, look overdone and tacky.

Do Not Wear Anything Too Revealing

Opting for an extremely revealing outfit can make you feel very available and create a wrong impression. Choose classy attire that does not have a hemline too short or a plunging neckline. Choose something in a calm tone that complements the mood and the weather. 

Revealing clothes can be sexy but inappropriate for the very first date. Save things up for the upcoming dates to follow.

Excessive Use Of Jewelry

Keeping things simple yet elegant is the key.  Little trinkets complete the look. A simple pendant or small pearl drop earrings can be perfect for that classy date. Overindulgence in jewelry will make you look like a pop star in the wrong place and make you look hilarious at the same time.

Too Much Makeup Will Never Make It Up

Going on a date with the skin acne and scars is not what we are suggesting you do. Apply your make up smartly. Choose a matching foundation that matches your skin tone and make sure you apply it on the neck as well to match the two skins. 

Extensive use of foundation makes it look cakey, spoiling the mood of the date. Put on some eyeliner and mascara with a tinge of blush and light lip shade. Use makeup as an effortless art. 

Watch Out The Weather

Choose a dress according to the weather. Getting uncomfortable wearing a dress will have a negative effect on you as well as your date. You cannot go out wearing something in velvet in the sultry summers, can you?

Keep The Hairdo Simple

If you choose to keep your hair open, make sure it is shampooed and conditioned. Apply serum after a shower. Combing is necessary and if possible blow-dry it before stepping out. In case of curly hair, use a hair spray to keep the strands in place.

A good choice is not always the right choice, but the right choice will always be a good one. Make sure you are bold enough to slay and confident enough to enthrall. Self-confidence is the best attire and smartness is its accessory. Keep these simple tips in mind, and you are game to face the date with elan.

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