How Can You Ensure Safety While Dating Online?

How Can You Ensure Safety While Dating Online?

Online Dating is no more an alien thing. It has become common among all the age groups. But with this familiarity, comes a need for ensuring safety as well. Everyone is aware of the increasing cyber crime rates and how someone can blackmail you through a simple dating app. 

Be it through videos or pictures. So, one should be cautious about the decisions they make. However, you should note that you shouldn’t be afraid about it, rather you should act smartly at least till the time you don’t know the other side up to the level where trust can make its place. 

No matter what your intuition indicates, you should make proper research when it comes to looking for the right person.  

Steps You Can Take To Be Safe When You Are Dating Online

Believe Facts more than his words

You shouldn’t judge only based on what the other person is saying. Better look at some solid facts before him your dream boy. You can try Googling up his name or photograph. For photographs, you can use search by photograph option. In case you find multiple profiles using the same photo, the chances are that you are dealing with some fake candidate.

Take Smart Judgements

Usually, the people who are operating through fake accounts have low friend counts and photos. They rarely have any tagged pictures and family or friends don’t come up. You should notice these facts. Also, look at what he is saying, is he being too diplomatic? Asking you weird questions? Getting way too flirty? Consider stopping him then and there.   

Talk More About Him

In case you develop a lot of doubt about him being real or being someone looking to take advantage, try asking questions through which you can judge. You can take him into deep conversations where it is likely that he will be expressing his thoughts. 

This way, the chances of lying reduces and his inner personality will be reflected sooner or later when he will be talking about sensitive issues or something like that. You can even cook some stories in order to build the environment. 

Don’t make yourself an open book

You should be protective of your privacy settings and personal information about you. Don’t let him know everything at the initial phase. Let him wait or you can even try to change the topic whenever you think that your friendship hasn’t grown up to reveal such information. 

Don’t make it too weird though, you can tell him or her straightforward if you are not comfortable, otherwise, they might start doubting you in the reality check we have been discussing.  Tell him what he deserves to know and restrain the rest.

Plan to Meet in Person

If your relationship is going way too online and your partner is making numerous excuses when asked to meet in person then maybe your relationship doesn’t have a future at all. It is possible that he might be having someone else in his real life and is just hooking up with you for fun. 

Or maybe, he is just creating a dreamy world for you which is too good to be true.  Chances are that all the personal information he gave to you about him was all fake and therefore he doesn’t want to face you. If any situation arises then it is better to end it then postpone it.   

Take It Slow

Well, this advice is good for both online and offline dating. You should be mature enough to avoid premature declarations of love or anything which is too personal to ask for, like sexy photos. Don’t be childish to fall too soon for someone. Control your excitement and let it go slow.  

Other than this, you can take every other measure you can think of. After all, you have every right to protect yourself from cybercrime or any other happening of that genre. If the other person is good at heart and is understanding, he will definitely respect your efforts to ensure your safety. 

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