How to Control Your Mind to Make Things More Exciting!

How to Control Your Mind to Make Things More Exciting!

People usually confuse disengagement with motivation. It is common for all of us to get tired at times, or not willing to do anything at all. It’s normal, nothing is wrong with you. The problem is that our brains are designed in such a way that we get excited about things which are new or unique.

However, this functioning of the brain often makes it difficult to carry out tasks we don’t like. And since we live in a social world, at times, we have to complete tasks which are not very lovable. Let’s understand how can we trick our brain into doing something which is not very dear. 

Teach Your Brain to Be More Cheerful

When we feel excited our brain releases dopamine which makes the behavioural and physical change you experience out of excitement.  That means, one way to control your brain to function the way you want is to somehow release dopamine in your body. 

It will make you feel more alive and therefore you will be more keen to know about things. When certain things become repetitive or when you are stuck with your routine for like the 500th time, that is the time when your brain gets bored and stop releasing dopamine. Let’s learn some of the activities through which you can make your body release dopamine.

Try to Experiment

Since it’s the routine which is causing the real problem here, you can always try to experiment a bit and make them a little bit spicier. It doesn’t mean that you will overlook your routine or will skip the important work. 

Here, you can just try to go out of your comfort zone a bit. You can change the way you do things, try to give it a little thought and you will come up with something interesting.   

Give Yourself a Soothing Outing

If you are simply done with following the same routine daily, give yourself a little break. When you will go out, not only you will feel refreshed but you will certainly have a better frame of mind. 

People who tend to go on outings regularly are more lively than those who don’t. Weekends should be treated as a chance to change, after all, it's good to work but not so that you will forget to live.  

Identify Your Strengths

Strengths always make us happy. They tend to separate you from the crowd and give you a unique identification as well as appreciation. This usually motivates people to work better and better. 

So, why not try to include your strengths in whatever you do? It’s good if you already know what your strengths are, in case you don’t, simply figure them out by judging what is that one thing you are good at. 

You put fewer efforts on it yet you perform better. Once you are done with finding it out, simply focus on how to use it to make your job better. To make whatever you do better. It might be difficult, but it won’t be boring for sure.

Try to Surround Yourself with Happy Faces

In most of the cases, people become what they experience a day in and out. So if you socialize with cheerful and lively people, chances are you will have a positive outlook on life. You might be in a difficult situation of your life but handling it with open heart and smile will make it easier to get through. 

Also, if you ever feel low, go to someone who radiates happiness, chances are that you will feel better. This being said, one must try to be a similar happy person as well, so that you can be a positive vibe for someone else who is feeling low.  

Don’t Just Think, React!

Finally, now that you know how you can deal with the problem. You must leave your current heavy mood and go outside and get cheerful a bit. Having a simple smile can do half the work. Try to be excited about what all is coming to you, make it more interesting. Don’t just survive, try to live. Stay happy and make others happy.

01 June 2019

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