10 Reasons Someone Close May Become Emotionally Distant

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Emotional disconnect between couples often functions towards aggravation in the relationship. Their normal conversation focuses only on the day-to-day rituals concerning work, house, and the kids.

They seem to be physically and emotionally apart from each other and often wonder about this detachment.

Here are 10 reasons someone close may become emotionally distant.

1. Sharing & Caring

It is worrisome when your partner stops sharing worries with you. Not so long ago you both were talking and sharing on each and everything. However, now you face unwillingness from your partner to share emotional and other regular matters. The reason could be that you lost emotional connect after the initial love for each other.

2. Anxiety

This also could be a reason that your partner may be stressed or depressed for some reasons. Every person responds differently in different stressful situations. Many share naturally, some go into a shell, while others keep mum, intending not to bother partner. Ironically, not sharing issues lead to mistrust and coldness.

3. Insensitivity

One of the reasons for becoming emotionally distant is the insensitivity of one partner towards other that leads to conflicts. As someone said, “Words are more dangerous than swords and guns, they reach further and hurt deeper.” If one partner is more sensitive, the things begin to sour between them because of non-communication and non-cooperation.

4. Physically Disinterested

Intimate physical relations are the key of a happy union of two persons that reverberates on their mutual interactions, sharing, and caring. If one partner is disinterested for some reasons, then passivity in their relations crop up. When they don’t share their lives together, the life becomes a nightmare for them.

5. Reluctance of Partners

Remember those days when your partner used to pamper you and find ways to make you happy and feel loved. Watching a favorite movie and cooking your favorite dinner together was what you used to look forward to in weekends. Suddenly, romantic time slips out of your hands like the sand, as one of you is not happy to follow that lovely routine.


The reason for drifting apart emotionally happens when one partner keeps his or her needs over other partner. This gross neglect often paves the way for dissatisfaction and emotional disconnect. The partners become distant with each other when one constantly prefers to live as an independent entity.

7. Unexpressed Love

Distance happens when love for each other is not supported by loving words like ‘I Love You’. These 3 words are magical and a ‘pass-word’ to the heart; although, love is beyond these reassuring words. However, when partners stop telling this more often to each other, a void seems a foregone conclusion.

8. Silence is not Bliss

A silent treatment of one partner to other is also one big cause of discord. The saying ‘silence is a bliss’ is fine but not when it poses hindrance to the relationships. The nods and ‘one word’ response is no good for making stronger relations. That obvious comfort in silence could be cacophonic to relations. This is one big reason for the emotional conflicts between the partners.

9. Disinterested in Conversation

When one partner keeps on harping about some issue, other partner stay disinterested and bored, then it’s not difficult to ascertain things are not on the right track. Reciprocal conversations affirm good relations, whereas, one-sided conversations indicate the damage has been done.

10. Uncalled for Anger

Anger is a big game spoiler. When one partner begins to sort out the issues, other partner shuts off that communication chain by offering angry retorts. Time and again, this intimidation is a decoy to hide the truth behind their discords.

So much so that other partner starts staying away from further arguments resulting to bigger emotional distance. Love and understanding are the antidotes to close these gaps.

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