Stay Away From Bad Dating Advices

Stay Away From These Bad Dating Advices

Dating someone feels great! Their love and care can make your day. While dating we often read a lot of dating advice online and sometimes follow them too seriously.
Some advice helps us to improve our relationship, but then there are too many advices and then you are just left with very little choices.  

You can’t follow every single piece of advice in a relationship. The need is to understand your partner and the need for the relationship rather than concentrating on the terrible bits of advice that people generally give you.

As a matter of fact, there are a majority of people who blindly follow these advices and later blame the relationship for being unsuccessful. Here are some common pieces of advice you come across which you need to avoid.

Loving them as no one else did

There are a number of love gurus who advise people to sacrifice oneself completely into love. This is something that adds up the adjective “clingy” to your character. Loving a person with all your heart is completely fine but falling blindly in it is not.

You need to understand that no one likes a person who tries to throw themselves on someone forcefully. You cannot make anyone feel for you if they do not really want to. There are people who keep calling their beloved more than 15 times a day. This will make them feel that you are too much available and they will start taking you for granted.

A “Sorry” doesn’t Pull you Down

In many cases, this phrase may turn true but not always. Saying too much sorry or repenting without any mistake just to save your relationship is not a good option. You can sit calmly and talk about it but make sure that it’s not always you who has to bend down.

Obviously, if the mistake is yours and you feel guilty about it, say a sorry and then make sure you mean it. There are people who lose their self-respect because of the same reason and thus end up hurting themselves. This may not be felt initially in any dating phase but later turns out to be a blunder.

Discussing Every Single Detail from Head to Toe

The necessity of any relationship is transparency but many people misunderstand this. Personal space is very important in any relationship. You can't discuss anything and everything with one another.

There are some decisions that you need to take alone in life and need your partner to just have faith in you. There are couples who exchange their social networking passwords even if they don't want to and thus end up closing all personal spaces for themselves.

Always Going with Your Partner’s Decision

This is one of the most terrible advice that people usually give. It clearly contradicts the fact that both people in any relationship are equal. You cannot go with the decision that you do not think is right.

In fact, you need to make them understand the consequences of the particular decision that your partner may face. You are supposed to correct them if they are wrong and support them at their “right” decisions.

You Should Think of Your Future Together and get Hitched Soon

There are people who will advise you to think about the future once you start dating. It is not important that every relationship is a success and your compatibility matches with the person so that you can spend life together.

Spend some time with your partner first. Know them completely and then think of taking any decision. When people worry too much about the future, they end up ruining everything.

You Need to Earn a Lot to Make Your Relationship a Success

No person has the ability to predict what is about to happen. You may have a lot of money today and fall into debts tomorrow or maybe just the opposite.
People who often see money in a relationship end up with nothing. A relationship is more about growing together in all aspects and this includes your finances too. With love and support comes success in life.

Follow Your Heart Blindly When in Love

You can never shut your brain’s door and let everything go unvisited. People who believe that you need to ignore everything just because you love the person are very stupid.  Faith is important but trusting your partner at the cost of your own dignity is foolishness.
This does not mean that you need to doubt them but at least try to analyze the situations and actions. Maybe there were enough hints that you ignored at the right time just because you were blind in love.

Take a Third Person’s Advice if You are Confused

The third wheel in any relationship is never a good option. No person can know your best, not even your closest friend. They may tell you things that please your ears, but this does not mean that it is right for you.

Only you know the best about you and your partner and thus it should never be the third person to tell you what to do. With perceptions varies advises too. It becomes important to know what's right for you and what's not. Don't follow everything you read.

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