Create the Perfect Dating Profile To Attract Girls

Create the Perfect Dating Profile To Attract Girls

You have a fit body, smart looks, and great job. Still, you are not getting your right partner online? Even after being perfect most of the people do this mistake of creating a disaster dating profile.

To get a potential date, getting your profile right is an important step in dating online.

Ever noticed that nerdy guy going on a tinder date? Well, it's because of his profile. Creating the right dating profit is worth spending some time on. It’s all about creativity! There are thousands of people in the same position, you have to be different.

It is important to stand out of the crowd. Here are some useful points to note down while creating your dating profile. 

Keeping her Interested is Important

Many women get bored and swipe left by reading the same things again and again. Writing the same kinds of stuff like “My hobbies are singing”, “looking for a decent woman” won't make your profile different. It is important to keep her interest in your profile.

Every woman wants a guy who has a positive attitude about life. Write about your adventures, hobbies, passions. You can also mention some hilarious stories to make her laugh but keep them short.

She is Not here to Read Essay

This is one common mistake most of the men do. They write long paragraphs about themselves. Reality is women don’t even go through such profiles. They are here to find a partner and not a study.

Don’t do the same mistake, keep things short and simple. Keep sentences short and less. You can add “pun” in your bio (in a positive way) to show your humor. Don’t go too brief in your profile, keep it in points or bullets. 

Your English Skills can Affect your Personality

If I come across a profile with some hot pictures but the bio has sentences like “I adventurous very much” I will immediately left swipe the profile, Other girls do the same. What you write matters a lot. Poor grammar can put a bad image of you.

Check your sentences in online sites like Grammarly before uploading your bio. Make sure you have written the right words with right sentences. If you are not good in English then don’t worry, take help of your friend who has good writing skills.

Lying to Get a Date is a Big NO!

Don’t fill your dating profile with fake claims. Being less and real is better than being great and fake. You might get a date by writing a lot of good things about you which aren’t true but when you finally start dating truth will come out and it will ruin your relationship.

Avoid writing hobbies just to impress her instead, highlight the things which you are really good at. False claiming will increase your partner's expectations from you and when you won't be able to stand by it then it will result in big disappointment. Representing what you are is the best way to impress your partner.

If you Earn Well, Showing off Your High Income Won’t be a Bad Idea

If you are financially stable and are earning well then it’s a plus point. Many of you will think that this will end up attracting gold digger which is partially true. But quality women get impressed by a man who can stand by himself and is able to support his needs and his family.
Success and desire to achieve something big is very attractive. Yes, you might attract some wrong people by including this but then you have enough time to clean out these people and choose the right one. 

Keep Your Standards High, Don’t Beg Them

Marketing yourself by including your qualities is good in dating profile but begging them to be with you is a big turn off. Writing things like “please try dating me”, “I promise to only yours”, etc can end up messing things instead of giving you a chance.

Indirect begging will make her think that you are too desperate to get committed. Have some self-worth, if your way of talking and thoughts are good she is like you for this. 

Sometimes Your Pictures Become the Barrier

While making a dating profile the pictures that you upload matters a lot. 

Solo pictures are best

Your DSLR pictures are perfect for dating profile. Avoid uploading group pictures. This shows that you are having fun with your friends but at the same time, it diverts all the focus to the hottest guy in the pictures. If you are not the gorgeous pal in the picture then don’t upload it.

Keep your ex Away

This is the worst mistake you could do. Never upload a picture with your ex. If you are looking smart in any picture then crop her in it. Uploading the pic of your ex and you together will give a hint that you are still not over her.
By now you are ready with a great dating profile. But keep in mind that your profile can just get you a right swipe. How you talk, what you say is what keeps the conversation going on.

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