21 Ways to Make Your Girlfriend Incredibly Happy!

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No matter how much you love to please your girl, you are not able to hit the right cord despite your best efforts. When you are in love, there are numerous ways and reasons to find happiness. Here are 21 ways to make your girlfriend incredibly happy and special.

1. Express Your Love

The eternally spoken three words by lovers ‘I Love You’ certainly would offer a lot of happiness to your ladylove. Hold her hands and look into her eyes to add more value to these magical words.

2. Unforgettable Gifts

Offer a well-thought out unforgettable gift to her on special occasions like her birthday. Add few lovely lines written personally on card to express your love and make her happy.

3. Say it With Flowers

Express your love with flowers and accept her happiness as your payment. Drop in at her home or office with a bouquet of red roses to find a lovely smile on her face.

4. Mingle With Her Near & Dear Ones

Nothing matches a girl’s glee than her beau hanging out with her parents, relatives, and friends. She will be the happiest person to see you and them gelling well.

5. Text Your Love

Text her loving and funny messages like ‘I fall in love with you every time I see your pic’ or ‘you are the silver lining in my sky, love you forever’. Surely she would give a big smile.

6. Call Her Often

Make a thumb rule to call her at least once a day to ask about her day and if need be offer your inputs too. She would be happy to note that you really care.

7. Pay Respect

Be a courteous gentleman and give her respect and treat her like a princess. Your girl would surely appreciate and feel happy with your epic behavior.

8. Appreciate Her Sentiments

May be you did not like her opinion or gift she gave you; appreciate her sentiments anyways by showing your happy response. She would feel elated for sure and will respect you more.

9. Compliments Always Help

Give your girl the appreciations on her looks, her perfume, dress or hairstyle and enjoy her beautiful smile in response. The girls thrive on compliments like the butterflies on flowers.

10. Humor

Humor is the best form of flattery, as they say. Use your sense of humor to make her laugh and enjoy your company with your interesting puns and jokes.

11. Hang Around

Give your personal presence to her by getting away from communicating gadgets and your hectic schedule. Touch and cuddle to make her happy by being with you.

12. Protect Her

Happy relationships are the results of many emotions, protecting her is one of them. Let her feel secure in your loving presence. She will be happiest being around you.

13. Apology

When you make mistakes (even if you don’t) never hesitate to say sorry. Your body language should be sincere and honest to the boot. Your apology will make her happy.

14. Cook a Special Dish

If you know some cooking and have a signature dish, it’s the moment of glory for you. Cooking a special dish for her will melt her heart and you will be paid back with a happy smile.

15. Thank Her Everything

Thanking her could be the key for her happiness. Always show your gratitude when she makes efforts to please you. Many women find pleasure in pleasing their men.

16. Fruitful Promises

Never make unrealistic promises like bringing moon and stars for her, although that also gives some fun moments. Her happiness will have no bounds when you fulfill realistic promises made to her.

17. Fix up a Romantic meeting

Romance is the spice of life, fix up a date with her for a movie, fine dining, shopping, or a day out of the city. The day well spent with you will make her truly happy.

18. Being Loyal

Being devoted to her will get you full marks and a happy smile, especially when you do not show keen interest in her female friends.

19. Include Her In Your Life’s Plans

Include her in every decision of your life, if you truly love her and planning to spend the rest of your life with her. This emotional security will work wonders for her happy state of mind.

20. Be a Good Listener

When relationships get through the test of time, a time comes when men start ignoring the women’s blah-blah, this is what they think. But be attentive with your girl, if you plan a longer and happy sojourn.

21. Sharing & Caring Partner

You share and care your girlfriend through many happy and unhappy moments. In moments of personal heartaches you can make her happier with the lines like, ‘ the happy girls are the prettiest’.

Happy girls do shine brightest, so make her the part of your sunshine.

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