Top traits you need to have to date the right man!

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You may have a long checklist of how your right man should be but have you ever thought about top traits you need to have to date the right man? If you want to date the right man then you should be right woman or at least make efforts to be one! You must possess the following qualities to date the man of your dreams!


In the modern time where ego issues, attitude problems and ‘tit for tat’ is in fashion a right man will always look for woman with a kind heart. If he is looking for a long-term relationship, he will always desire for a woman with warm heart, loving and caring nature.

Clever and Spontaneous

Apart from physical beauty and behaviour, one thing a man will get attracted to is a woman’s intelligence, spontaneous answers and ability to discuss or debate on meaningful topics. Right Men get instantly attracted towards woman with brains rather than woman with external beauty.

Understanding and Mature

More than love, what makes relationships last longer is understanding and trust. In the beginning of relationship, understanding won’t play a major role but as it moves forward, a man will always want an understanding and mature woman. In addition, men love women who know when to act pampered and when to act as a sensible person!

Puts equal efforts

When a relationship reaches a certain stage, equal efforts are expected from both the partners. You cannot be the woman who ‘only takes ’and gives nothing if you are in a serious relationship. Putting efforts does not mean pushing yourself beyond limit; it can simply be paying the restaurant bill or booking a mini vacation to his favourite destination.

Loyal while men are often questioned on their loyalty not all men are cheaters. Loyalty is one of the most important top traits you need to have to date the right man! Double dating or hiding things from you partner is not a good sign of a healthy relationship. This, further leads to trust issues and break-ups. Being yourself As a woman, you may often try to be faking classy or fake your behaviour to make a man fall for you.

Sorry! But this won’t last long as smart men easily catch your lie just like you often catch a man’s lie who’s trying to hit on you! Ideal men will always prefer a woman who is not afraid to show her true side and who is comfortable in her own skin!


Modern men like women who are competitive and ambitious. Your right man will also brag about your achievements if he truly loves and supports your ambitions. Yes a lot is been said about male dominance and male chauvinism but real men believe in equality!


Apart from mother, a man will always expect positive support from the woman of his life in all aspects. From his decisions, problems to future goals a right man will always expect you to get his back. A true gentle man will also appreciate your advice on solutions to his problems and recommendations for achieving goals.

Friendly and involving

Just like you want your man to get involved with your friends and family, he will expect the same from you. No man will like to bother about his girlfriend’s tantrums or attitude issues after meeting his friends or family. If you are an introvert, just respond positively to his friends gestures or simply accompany them in dance or drink!

Attractive and loving

You don’t need to be beautiful as per the society’s standard of beautiful with trending clothes, eye catching accessories and tons of makeup! For a right man if its love he may fall for your messy hair, cute dimples, talking style, charming smile or even your untidy dressing. Overall, this you obviously have to love to get back more love!

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