Know The Right Moves To Make A Girl Kiss You!

Right Moves to Make A Girl You Like To Kiss You

Do the butterflies in the stomach start fluttering and the palpitations go up, and you can hear your heartbeats, just at the sight of someone you truly adore? 

Have you ever fantasized her being alone with you, cool breezes caressing your faces and soothing music complementing your dreamy sequence? Well, hold your breath as we burst your balloons to tell you that nothing of that sort happens in real life.

Know The Person First, Before You Think Of Anything Else

Talking to a woman a day or two does not give you the license to make the first move. Getting to know her personally and befriending her is the key. It creates a friendly bondage where she will be happy to maintain. Speak to her and try to know about her interests and hobbies. Engage in exciting conversations and let her open up to you gradually.

Making Her Comfortable Is The Key

Unless and until a woman is comfortable, she will not be able to open up entirely to you. Forgive her little flaws and make her comfortable around you. Try to know her darkest fears and weaknesses and ensure protection and safety to her while she is with you. The more comfortable she gets, the better she will be able to trust you.

Going Out With Her Is A Priority

As you frequently start going out with her, you will know about her lifestyle and the ways she walks and talks. Speaking over the phone or texting and facing each other upfront are different altogether. Get comfortable around each other physically is essential. 

Make little physical contacts like holding hands or hugging her during greeting or parting. Show her your protective side and let her trust reside in your actions.

Grooming Is A Necessity

Brush your teeth and take a shower before you leave the house to meet her. Apply perfumes and scents and stay refreshed to create a good impression. Keep in mind that bad breath and sweating guys are a huge turn-off.

Choose An Appropriate Place And Read The Body Language

Choosing the venue where you want the coveted moment to unfurl is a critical task. Choose a soothing romantic place to take her out to and wait for the perfect opportunity. She needs to feel secure, and not anxious of the peering glares. Try to figure out her body language and know if she is liking the ambience or feeling uncomfortable.

Maintain Eye Contact And Make The First Move

This is very crucial while making the first moves. Maintaining eye contact and smiling while conversing gives the woman a feeling of comfort and trust to carry the conversation forward. Engage in talks that will set the mood without being too cheesy. 

Gradually get closer and gently tug her towards you. If she follows coyly, you are in for a treat. Make sure you are not too sloppy or lousy; take it smoothly as it comes.

Be Prepared For Both The Best And Worst

If she pulls back, do not push it. This means she is still not ready for it yet and needs some more time. Leave her alone and make things easy, like shifting topics. Make sure she does not feel out of place because of what happened.

These are a few practical tips that will ensure a good time with your beloved and make you enjoy your most coveted time with her. Indulge at the moment and pay attention to the details that will remain with you forever.

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