An Extra Marital Affair - A Power To Build Or To Ruin?

An Extra Marital Affair - A Power To Build Or To Ruin?

An extra marital affair is certainly something that is not too unheard of, yet sends a chill down the spine of the one betrayed upon. A three-letter word comes with a force, enough to shatter the strongest of the strong and the brazened of the pack. For a marriage to last long, people go stretches and lengths. 

Then comes a sudden demeanor, struggling to push you off the cliff, in spite of trying hard to stay mum and endure each day no less than a squall. In a marriage, which has survived probably decades, there comes a time when all the sweet spots and factors appear sullen. 

This is when the knock of the storm can be heard. With a ghastly ruffle, the third individual makes an entry with a promise of patience, trust, love, compassion and sex- a smooth woven fallacy.

The Two People Start Drifting Away

The two people start drifting away, not knowing where the road leads. One, all jubilant dancing away to the tunes of the newfound ecstasy. The other, drowning into the agonies of the pestering struggles pelting down at him/her at a bullet speed.

The Two People Start Drifting Away

The world that they had created and nurtured start bolting out into pieces and fragments while the new cocoon of happiness starts forbidding the drifted one to get back to put them back into place. 

Person with Successful Extramarital Affairs Thrives in the Past Memories

The new couple finds solace in each other’s company as their dreams know no bounds in their world of zero responsibilities and unmatched rhythm of perfection. The one betrayed does not know what went wrong and thrives in the memories of the colored past. Real love has the power to go against all odds and fight for each other. 

Person with Successful Extramarital Affairs Thrives in the Past Memories

Whereas, an extra marital affair promises a world of unanswerable liberties, the patient ear to all the gloomy tales and nights full of unparalleled frolic. The things that subside in a relationship after a decade of togetherness or more can be rewound back in this infidelity.

Why Extramarital Affairs Happens?

The self-validation and the confidence that they get back after being sought after, even after playing a husband or a wife to some other person, gives an individual immense pleasure. The notion about his or her own self plays a major part in graving out adverse conditions for the other half while basking in the limelight of lust and desires themselves. 

People who are dissatisfied with marriage, married in younger age, come in contact with old love or have physical, emotional or intellectual dissatisfaction are likely to fall in extramarital affairs.

Leaving a solemn place of responsibilities, they find a way out to channel out their younger flush of adrenaline while playing the perfect muse to their new-found bliss. The people left behind face the wrath of the deed and sulk till they can no more.

The Outcome of The Play?

Emotions take a backseat and the libido takes up the charge to ruin the beautiful and soothing place that the two shared. Whatever was missing in the former relationship, they try to seek in the latter. Sure, do they find it all in there since there are no liabilities. Never for once do they think how shattered the other people are, whom they have left behind to create the maze of a false hive.   

Does it Have a Good Side Too or Just Bad?

In many cases, the cheating partner starts comparing the person they are with, to their former spouse. This often stirs them up when certain things remind them of their former counterparts and they realize how they miss those traits now like never before. 

Does it Have a Good Side Too or Just Bad

Some extra marital affairs drive them to see the good in their previous relationship and want to go back lamenting their own loss. There are times when these have worked wonders for a dead relationship to leap back to life.

Having said all, all we infer is a bland reality. Leaving is easy; staying put to the same old thing is hard. Finding imperfections is easy; learning and beginning to embrace it all as perfections is hard. Building a house is easy; calling it a home is super hard. 

Not everyone has the mettle of staying by your side and bearing the pain with you. If somebody ever has done it for you, respect that and try to fight the conditions that constantly compel you to leave this person for a false promise of good hope. 

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