Relationship Myths: Love Is A Game That Two Can Play And Both Can Win

Relationship Myths: Love Is A Game That Two Can Play And Both Can Win

In this world of fickle minded people, one thing that holds the people together is nothing but relationship. A good relationship is with someone who knows all your insecurities and imperfections and still loves you the same.

You must learn to treasure your relationships and not possessions. The best thing to hold onto in life is each other. However, amidst all the multitude chaos, there are some myths in relationships which make the couple often insecure.

1. Able To Read Each Other’s Minds

After spending some time with your loved ones, it seems like you can anticipate your partner’s thought or read mind. However, in reality you can’ be a mind reader. The best is to be yourself and express oneself in front of your partner.

Be it any bundle of joy or a small portion of sadness, you must share with your partner to construct a healthy relationship.

2. Natural Romance

With time, the enchanting love can fade along with romantic signs. There must not come a time where you are feeling discomfort. You need to pull few strings in order to make the chemistry do wonder like the beginning.

3. Conflict

Every relationship is inevitable without a conflict or a fight. If you have a conflict on a frequent interval, then it will help you to understand your partner in an efficient manner. You have to speak your heart out in order to avoid any miscommunications.

Just remember to have the affection for your partner in the proper place and everything else will fall in picture.

4. Common Interests

Often common interests can be a source of joy like visiting the old favorite past time café or watching an old movie. However, it can be a source of tension as well when you see that a couple is having a heated exchange over a minute matter. This sort of things can trigger problems.

5. Marriage

Well, a marriage is sometimes the ultimate solution for everything in a relationship. There are many benefits of a marriage as it sometimes is the source of good health, wealth and happiness.

6. Jealousy In Relationship

In a relationship, jealousy occurs often which ensures how secure you are with your partner. It also makes you confident and let you handle situation in a better way. Sometimes, you might want to impress your jealous partner by going a foot extra in order to showcase your care and affection.

However, it might not reciprocate in the same manner of which you have assumed.

7. Love Is Suffice

Often in relationships, love is not enough. Especially after marriage when a there is a new family member in the family, you have to take some intentional steps to keep the relationships run smooth and strong.

With passage of time, making romance fades away and both would try to be busy with the toddler. Ensure that conversations are happening on a regular basis.

8. Change

Stop blaming and start working to figure out the best ways to make your relationship make stronger. One always thinks that other partner must change. This should not be the case as one must put an end to his or her ego in order to maintain a fruitful relationship.

It takes both to make a change and it has to be for the betterment of the bond.

9. Stress

A hectic day may not make you care for your partner which is OK. Life burden should not be the reason to drift away from your partner. You must learn to balance both professional and personal pressure.

10. Couples Therapy

Well, when the therapy is there is already a change in the mindset of the couples. As they have been suffering for a prolonged time, hence they have finalized the decision to try the couple therapy. They must ponder on the matters which were stuck and had transformed into a major issue.

Every couple is unique in their own ways and in their own world. Small fights are a sweet ingredient for an eternal bond with your loved ones. To get love from the same person you love is rare and pulchritudinous.

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