Regenerate the Fun in Dating When Spark Fades Away

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After few thrilling weeks of dating, there comes a time when you face an unresponsive feeling in relationship like driving onto a dead-end. Being single and not finding fun in dating is a situation called ‘dating fatigue’.

Here are some ways you can regenerate the fun in dating.

Causes for Dating Fatigue

The reasons could be many for disinterest from not finding appropriate partners to personal nature of getting bored easily. This bored feeling doesn’t augur well for the person’s own normal life.

The initial spark often goes off, mostly in those people who meet their partners across various dating apps.

Many couples get distraught with their relationships and drift away to look for other partners or cocoon themselves in their own solo world. The researchers evaluate that 30-60% couples in the United States have an ‘outside’ affair sometime or other.


When you sense some monotony in your relations, you need a break to get over your exhaustion or dating fatigue. You need to focus on your self-care in that period. Spend some time with your old friends or go out on an adventure trip with them. In this period, stay off from the dating apps.

Use Break for Self-care

An interesting fact about dating is people get more relaxed when they are in comfort zone of their relationships. They stop caring about themselves and their personal looks. Often couples gain unwanted weight by indulging in ‘happy hours’ with their mates.

At certain times, this becomes a distracting point between partners. The break from dating offers a god-sent opportunity to take care of your body, style, and mental conditioning.

Increase Focus on Your Social Life

A break from dating offers an opportunity to reaffirm your weakening social links. There would be many of your friends missing you since you moved over to your love-interest. Spend time with your friends like you used to do before. Visit your parents and relatives as all your relations are important.

The break ensures that you keep your multi-dimensional social responsibilities in fine shape. Also, it gets you charged up with refreshed romantic emotions.

Get Updated With the World

When in love and busy with each other, you lag behind the world around you. Get updated on what is going around the city, country, and the world. Take time to finish the Netflix series that you dearly wanted from a long time. This break from your dating offers and equips you enough to restore your dating excitement.

Learn to Say ‘NO’

One of the most problematic issues with most of the people is their inability to say ‘NO’. If you will say yes to all your prospective dates then probably you can come across some negative people and waste your valuable time. Say ‘NO’ because your idea is to get the excitement back in your dating, not getting dating fatigue at the very outset by saying yes.

Learn to Say 'YES'

There are times when a ‘NO’ works well for your dating interests. However, by saying ‘YES’ shows your assertive nature as you do what you believe is right. Idea is being more practical and trying to keep driving wheel in your hands by keeping your approach more positive.

Anger Management

When you are too close for long time, your focus start shifting from your partner’s good points to the negative areas. You start being judgmental and cynical. There could be some anger that you are hiding beneath your bored looks. Talk directly to your date about your resentments and don’t let that hamper your excitement.

The experts suggest 2 to 4 weeks rest from your dating experience will revive your excitement.

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