Having A Healthy Relationship - 10 Tips To Make A Good Relationship Great

Having A Healthy Relationship - 10 Tips To Make A Good Relationship Great

Most of us want to have a fairytale love story. But in reality, it is really difficult to have one. With all the serials, novels and movies that we watch about how love and relationships work, we too have high expectations. Although people may have a good relationship they always want something new. 

For most cases, after a few years the flame burns down, and people fall in the same old routine. There are many websites and books available that talk about making a relationship great. The following 10 tips on how to make a good relationship great have been effective for many people.

1. Give some attention to the relationship

It is very important for the couple to prioritize their relationship. Among all the work and chores, people need to find some time for their partner. Just as a plant need care to grow and stay healthy, a relationship needs the same care and attention. 

If the attention is one-sided the person will eventually get tired of putting all the effort. This will lead to a failed relationship. Both parties need to take equal responsibility and check up on each other from time to time.

2. Be best friends with your partner first

For any relationship to work, the couple needs to be best friends first. We tend to rely on our partner and develop high expectations. If a relationship is compared with friendship it is seen that we forgive our friends much easier. If we really want to improve relationship then we have to practice forgiveness.

This is because we have much higher expectations of our partner. Hence, if one builds a strong friendship with their partner first they tend to have a much longer-term relationship.

<2>3. Try to solve fight from an outsider’s point of view

Every couple has some rough days. Whether it’s about a trivial matter or something important, the couple might fight. It is completely normal to have fights, but one should not drag it for long. In order to end a fight or argument tries to think from an outsider’s point of view. 

One should not have the mentality of being right but think about “us” or as a team. As two persons are involved the solution should be discussed together.

4. Do things as if you just fell in love

Remember your first date? The first “I love you”? Try to bring back that spark. With time we tend to get too lazy and comfortable around our partner and not put any effort. We lose our patience, thoughtfulness and general understanding. 

Sit down and note all the things you did in the initial stages of the relationship and start doing them again.

5. Laugh your heart out without being serious

With more time people get so involved in other things that they forget to laugh. Laughing with your partner can reduce stress. Try to look at your partner’s actions as amusing. This will help to lighten up the relationship.

6. Respect each other’s unequal appetite

People are different and so are their choices. Whether it is about their family obligation, personal availability or love making frequency they might have a different opinion. To make a relationship work, one should respect and honor each other’s choices.

7. Experience one’s sorrow together

It is very important to experience hard times with your partner and leave them alone. Great relationships work when a partner does not leave their side during a hard time, even if they are the reason for their partner’s sadness.

8. Make the time spent together a memorable one

With everyone being busy with their life, couples hardly find time to spend together. Try to be creative with time and not watch a movie. Instead, come up with date ideas. Taking a trip is a brilliant idea, as it will create new memories that the couple will cherish forever.

9. Give the space your partner requires

For any relationship to work, both the parties require their own space. No matter how much a couple like to spend time together, spending some alone time is very important. During this time, they can catch up with some friend, spend time with their family or run errands.

10. Stop expecting perfection

No relation is perfect. Every couple faces some bumps along the way. It is very important to overcome those and still try to make the relationship work. Expecting perfection will only lead to disappointment. It's better to be realistic and work hard to make it count.

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