Terms of Service

Last updated on Feb. 1, 2020

Our Terms of Service also include Data Policy and Community Guidelines. Also read both (Data Policy and Community Guidelines) before you agree to use our services.

1. E-Chat aims to provide a safe environment to its customers where they can interact with anybody across the world without any second thoughts in mind. Since we provide an open network, available to all those who are interested, one can meet people from different backgrounds and cultures, it further increases the need to set some basic guidelines to provide healthy interaction. Therefore, we have formalised some Terms of Service in order to state the basic rules and responsibilities that every user must follow and understand.

2.Since E-Chats allows you to interact with new people across the globe, you must be 18 years or older in order to make an account. Most of the activities require account access. Make sure you periodically change your password and keep it at a safe place. If anytime you think that your account is being used by someone else or you notice some unusual activities you can always report to us.

3. Any content that you post or share on E-chats will be your responsibility. In case of sharing you must be aware that you are sharing content, you are allowed to share. Anyone can make a copy of the contents which are visible to the public, including us. You are also advised to keep a backup of your work in order to avoid losing it.

4. E-chats is an open platform and no responsibility is taken for the content being shared. However, you can always control the privacy of posts for their views. We will not be monitoring any content for legality or accuracy. You might also end up finding some links to other sites and once you are gone, E-chats is not responsible for the contents you might end up finding.

5. All the E-Chats platforms (Except embedded iframe of our affiliate partners and third party apps), present or future belongs to us. This includes website, apps, services, logo, code and content, API etc. It is not for any further usage or piracy.

6. If anytime you feel like someone is infringing your copyrights in any way, you are free to report to us.

7. The main reason behind giving these Terms is to make sure that we can control the minimal discipline which keeps our platform safe and secure. Given that it is a free platform, one can never be assured what kind of countless illegal things can happen.

8. Though we are trying our best to build a safe and amazing free platform for our users. WE don’t guarantee that the services will be provided forever or it will always work this efficiently.

9. E-Chats is a completely Indian Chatting platform and all the terms and conditions are being governed by Indian laws supported by the jurisdictional court at District Hamirpur, Himachal Pradesh. If any time or in any case, an authoritative Indian court states that some portion of these terms, policies and guidelines as invalid, that section will become invalid but the rest will be followed as usual. Terms are written and followed in English. One can always take up translation to any language of their preference.

In case some kind of dispute, question, claim, disagreement arises which is related to these Terms or the contract is breached we will use our best capabilities to settle the dispute. If any such kind of dispute arises from any end, the complaining party will have to initiate with properly written notice to the other party with the title “Notice of Dispute,” and will have to state the nature as well as a description of the dispute. Following is the mail ID to be used: [email protected]

If some kind of Dispute arises, the parties are free to consult and negotiate to settle down at a point selected by E-Chats. One should recognise the mutual interests and reach a just which is equitable and satisfactory to both ends. However, if the parties fail in resolving through the given dispute resolution process within 90 days then any further claims, legal proceedings or litigation which arises in connection with the services it will be taken directly to the District Court of Hamirpur, located in Tehsil & District Hamirpur, Himachal Pradesh, India.

If you unconditionally don’t agree to our Privacy Policy, Terms of Service (including Data Policy and Community Guidelines) then please don’t use our services.