Data Policy

Last updated on Dec. 19, 2019

In order to provide a safe and secure environment for our users, we collect and manage some important information like name, user ID, password, email address etc. Below mentioned policies are being closely followed.

1. To send the basic administrative information. This can include informatory mails for services or any kind of changes in terms, conditions, and policies.

2. Data is required to ensure that the website, as well as apps, can serve their purpose and can save your preferences and settings to give the best experience.

3. To support the social sharing on our platform, through our platform or our content on some platform which you choose to use.

4. To undergo proper data analysis, this is done to improve the quality of our services.

5. To verify the processes internally by audits which are compliant with legal, contractual or regulatory requirements.

6.For fraud and security monitoring purposes, for example, to detect and prevent cyberattacks or attempts to commit identity theft.

7. In order to get insights while developing new products, features and services.

8. In order to enhance, improve or modify the platform.

9. In order to identify trends, understand the users, their interests to create the best services.

10. In order to expand our business activities. The data will help in understanding which parts/ sections of our platform are mostly used so that we can focus on improving them and bringing efficient investments in the rest.

11. To take care of legal compliance. In some circumstances, the company might need to use sensitive information in order to protect legal rights or defend the users or ourselves against the legal claims which are applicable under the law.

12. To mail or promote marketing communications which might be useful for you. Your consent is of extreme importance for this activity to manage the contractual relationship between the company and you.

13. In some critical situations, your personal information might be disclosed by a certain percentage. This is often done while dealing with a legal obligation or some other legitimate interests to do so.

14. A lot of back-end measures are taken when it comes to protecting your personal information. However, no storage system or data transmission can be 100% secure. If at any moment you believe that your interaction onto the platform is no longer secure please report or notify us immediately; you can mail on [email protected]. Effective measures will be followed.

15. Your personal information might be needed or permitted and can be kept with us for certain duration of time and you will be told about the purposes for which it was used. Some basic criteria are the length of time used for which we had an ongoing relationship and provided experience on our platform to you, the legal obligations might be used to define retention periods.

16. Our policy might change over time. Down the page, you can check the contact information. However, it is advisable to check the policies timely.