Community Guidelines

We are very proactive when it comes to the decency of posts being floated on our website. Any post posted from your handle will be your responsibility. Make sure that any kind of campaigns or comments follows the Community Guidelines as well as law. Since this affects the experience of our users, accounts having repeated or major offences will be terminated.

One must use services in a very decent and harmless way. No kind of hate speech, cyberattacks, malign act or encouragement of violence will be entertained on the platform. One must avoid penetrating into someone’s privacy without their consent like documents, photographs, phone numbers etc.

You are not allowed to make hate speech, attack or malign another user, glorify or encourage violence, office or a home address etc. Any kind of bullying, trolling, abusive stalking, threats won’t be tolerated.

No kind of sexually explicit content, unsolicited or spam conversations, child bullying-related content are allowed. Apart from this, one shouldn’t be found breaking the law or using our platform for any kind of illegal activity or communication. If you find any unusual content on the platform or find that some person is in danger you can report that to us. Don’t forget reporting to your local authorities first. Following is the mail ID to be used: [email protected]