They are Married, Can they Actually Flirt?

Signs To Know That Someone Has Deeper Feelings For You

You bump into someone who can’t stop staring at you. The next moment you find out that they are married and you start thinking if they actually were staring or you are just overthinking!

Generally, people working in the same organizations find interest in one another. This is because they share similar environments, workloads, workstreams and most of all the same boss to talk about.

Attraction towards opposite gender is something you can’t resist and the fact of their marital status is not really a big concern there.

Different people have a different reason why they talk to some other person, but how do you actually know your colleague is just talking to you or there is something else that you can’t see.

These Are The Signs To Know That Someone Has Deeper Feelings For You

1. He Tries to spend some alone time with you

Despite the long office hours if he prefers spending time with you rather then going back home, you are just right! There can be many reasons why he wants to spend time with you. He may find you interesting or feel infatuated towards you.

People who get married early and does not spend quality time later in their relationship often get bored with their relationship.

They try to find an escape in something that spikes up their life. This does not necessarily mean that they have wrong intentions but they find you interesting and are able to figure out that escape in you.

2. Nothing goes unnoticeable

If your colleague notices every single thing about you, then surely there is something that he feels about you.

The way they present you a compliment like “ I can’t take my eyes off you” are the easiest ways to figure out that this is just not a normal colleague relationship that they wanted to share with you. There is something more! He surely is flirting with you and expects the same out of you.

3. Texts that quote all the flirtatious phrases

The little heart emoticons and long forwarded poems that are written with all deep feelings are a sure shot sign that they are flirting with you.

They often try to talk to you and find ways in every situation. You can always find they greeting messages in your inbox just when you go to bed and as early as you get up, the “good morning “ and “good night” shall become constant.

4. Little presents on every occasion

If they are spending a part of their bonus in buying gifts to impression at small occasions then this is clear that he is flirting with you. People try to make efforts for someone just when they want to impress them.

They often think that gifts are gestures that can make them feel that you care about them and know your choices. They will not clearly tell you that they feel about you but their gestures will surely do.

5. Buying a coffee for you

Ignoring the fact that the whole team is out with them in the canteen if they buy a coffee every day especially for you, this is a clear sign! Your colleague may offer a cup of coffee once in a week but doing you a favour every day is just not a part of their job.

This is a sign that they want to make you understand that they don’t treat you the same way they treat their other colleagues in the office.

6. Try to know about your relationship status

If your colleague is trying to prove that you deserve better than what actually you have in present this is a clear sign that the better they are talking about is actually them. They want to make you feel that “they” are the right match for you and expects you to show an interest in them.

They expect you to share the ups and downs of your relationship with him where he can find the best moment to point out that “he is not right for you.”

7. Body language tells a lot

The way they are around you tells you a lot about how they feel. If they try to lean against you or just bump into you intentionally quoting it “accidentally”, just don’t ignore it! This is something that you need to pay attention to.

Small steps often increase the confidence of another person. This will make them feel that you are okay with everything going around.

8. Jealousy is just not outdated

If your colleague doesn’t like you, talking to any other worker in the company and tried to extract your attention all the time he is flirting. People feel jealous only if they feel something about the other person.

Any person who feels infatuated towards you cannot stand anyone else sharing smiles with you.

9. They tell you, they are unsatisfied

If they keep pointing out their partner flaws and compares them with you it is actually an indication that they like you more than them. They will tell you how good you are and will surely emote that they are unsatisfied in their married life.

It is important to set your choices clear. If you are not comfortable with them flirting with you, you need to stop them before it gets too much.

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