Ways To Distinguish Between Dating And A Relationship!

Distinguish Between Dating And A Relationship

We grow up watching movies and series dedicated to love. Eventually, with time we develop an idea about what romance can be. But it is important to keep in mind that reality is not the same as movies. 

When people start going out with someone they love it is a common mistake they make about whether they are dating or in a relationship.  When people are in a relationship they introduce their significant other as their boyfriend or girlfriend. 

On the other hand, when people are dating they don’t associate any term and just use the phrase “we are dating”.

Differences Between Dating And A Relationship

1. A Relationship Offers Stability And Dating Is Uncertain

Dating someone can be a casual thing. It is usually a short-term thing, which does not have any certainty.  It can end very easily. Whereas being in a relationship offers stability and certainty. The commitment made between two people can last a lifetime and even end in marriage.

2. Relationships Offer Loyalty But Dating Is Often Open And Not Exclusive

People in a relationship are loyal to their partners. They don’t cheat or hide their relationship from people. This makes them exclusive. On the other hand, dating is often open. Which means people who are dating can go out with other people as well. There is no commitment and infidelity is involved.

3. A Relationship Is More About Emotional Intimacy Whereas Dating Is Physical

Another way to distinguish between a relationship and dating is intimacy. When people are in a relationship their emotional intimacy is more because of the commitment. Dating often-just lead to physical intimacy. There is no commitment involved and the emotional connection between two people is much less.

4. Dating Often Teaches Us Lessons; Relationship Helps Us Grow

When we date we come across a lot of people. Sometimes we mistake infatuation with love. Dating helps us understand what kind of a person we want to be with. It would hurt us unknowingly, which eventually will lead us in the right direction. A relationship is totally opposite. It helps you and your partner to stick to the commitment you made to each other. And this helps you to appreciate one another and grow as an individual and a partner.

5. The Level Of Communication Different Between Dating And A Relationship

People in a relationship have a different set of priority. They often like to stay connected to their partner. Throughout the day they keep their partner updated about every little detail of their day. Whether it’s something important or embarrassing details. But people who are dating aren’t liable to communicate on a daily basis. They can just leave a text whenever they want.

6. Relationship And Dating Has A Different Set Of Priorities

One of the biggest differences between dating and relationship is the set of priorities. Relationships often have a better set of priorities. People in a relationship would prioritize the relationship more than everything because the person becomes their center of the world. People who are casually dating do not prioritize the person they are dating much. They usually focus on other things such as family, friends, and work.

7. People Get To Know Someone Deeply In A Relationship; Dating Lets You Meet New People

A relationship helps you to know a person up-close and personal. Once someone commits they start to open up to their significant other about their dreams and flaws. And you learn to love them with their flaws and learn what’s on the inside. When dating someone you get to experience a lot of different things. You get to communicate with various different people who can change your perspective towards life. But these people do not stay in your life for long. So you just get to see how they are on the outside.

8. Expectations Are Different When In A Relationship And Dating

It is normal for people in a relationship to have much higher expectations from the other person. A relationship is based on expectations. We expect little things from our partner as basic as picking up the groceries when you are tired. But when dating we have very little expectations. One might have a lot more expectation than the other and they might not be in sync with their feelings.

Some of the major differences between dating someone and being in a relationship are stated above to help you overcome your doubts.

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