The Tiff Between Love And Lust – Who Wins It All?

The Tiff Between Love And Lust – Who Wins It All?

Does the fleeting glimpse of a certain someone keeps in playing in your head? Do the beautiful eyes captivate your heart and make your knees jiggle at the very sight of theirs? Does your heart skip a beat when they whisk past you? Have you ever thought who wins in love and lust?

Several authors, poets, and novelists have personified Love

Love is considered the epitome of trust, compassion and safety; Love is what makes a person. Looked upon as a beautiful woman in all her glory, blissfully soothing the minds of many, calming them down and sweeping them off their feet with her enigmatic presence. 

The main pillar of any relationship, Love can win hearts. Love breaks but Love heals. Such is the effect of Love. Thriving in a world of hatred and war, Love makes us fall for it over and over again. Love is a feeling that goes beyond all sorts of physicality. 

To Love is to heal, to Love is to feel, to Love is to treasure

Love is all-powerful and beautiful. A passion to know personally and connect spiritually sets the heart ablaze.  

A cocoon that binds people in all its mystery and security, once entered, you are bound to be lost; lost in all its vigor and chastity. The woven dreams and beauty of the world comes alive in a single touch, making you yearn for more. 

What happens when you fall in Love?

Love knows no bounds, it has no direction. It comes out straight from the core of the heart and drowns people in its own potion. The potion of will and care, innocence and imperfections. Having the ability to transform a demon into a passionate 

Lover and making them realize and confess every sin of theirs; it gives out such a happy and positive vibe that is imbibed into the people at large. People see the good in everything, it makes them happy. 

They are pleased and calm and way more composed than ever. They learn to cherish each and every moment and find perfection in all the imperfect things. 

Lover Says: “I will spend my whole life loving you”

Two people in Love are the ones that can hold onto each other for life; it gives them a confidence and support to fall back to each other even when the road gets hideous. They learn to compromise, they learn to know the value of a sacrifice. There are times when they are apart yet it so close to each other. It a connection that is so sacred to them that no amount negativity can be enough to sever it ever.

Lust – A World Unexplored

The stark contrast of the former, Lust can be personified as a woman full of sensuousness. People are triggered at the very sight of theirs. They fill people with a feeling of longing, a longing very different from that of Love. It makes them want to explore them and feel them nerve by nerve. 

They are aroused and want to get into a physical contact at the earliest. The touch of Lust can drive people insane. It is an urge that constantly bugs them to do go wilder, without the involvement of emotions. 

The intense sexual desire that floods the hearts of so many without lasting long, rinse people off their loyalty. Full of arrogance and malice, Lust drags people into its dark gloomy world or erotica and makes Love perish.

Love or Lust: Who Wins the Final game?

Facing each other in the ring, Dream and Fantasy game up for the finale. Creating a world of fluttering hearts and butterflies in the bellies, Love makes people go insane and happy, with the mild touch of its tender fingers. 

People forget the agonies, the melancholy of their lives and look forward to the greater aspect of being alive. Love is unconditional and infinite. Allowing people to save their dreams up and plunge into their wildest of fantasies, Lust churns out the potion of destruction. 

Drowning people in its boiling pot of momentary pleasures, Lust thrives in the adrenalin rush at the sight of a libidinous vehemence. A person too gullible is always an easy target of Lust. A woven sheath of fallacy and sullen promises, Lust lets people inside its domain of sexual pleasures and no liabilities. An eternal tiff between the two take turns to show their grit - one to create, the other to destroy.

03 June 2019

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