Signs That Tells You About Your Ex-Girlfriend’s Feelings

Signs That Tells You About Your Ex-Girlfriend’s Feelings

Relationships are pure emotional bond between two people. It involves trust, companionship, love, caring for a relationship to blossom. 

If any of these qualities are not there in a relationship, it often results in a heart-break even if the two persons are great people and madly in love. A relationship cannot stand on its own, it requires maintenance and growth through all the stages. 

These are quite the reasons why a couple falls out and eventually break their relationship. However, love doesn’t fade away just after breakup. A couple often finds traces of their abandoned love for each other coming over and over again to the surface. 

It is also said we only realise the value and worth of someone or something after they are not a part of our life. 

Following are the signs by which you can determine whether your ex-girlfriend is still interested in you or not

Your Ex-Girlfriend Is Still In Touch

When a relationship ends, it often ends with the idea of not being in touch with each other. However, if your ex-girlfriend still keeps touch with you, you must take the hint that she still hasn’t moved on from you.

Your Ex-Girlfriend Follows You On Social Media Platforms

When a couple breaks up it often includes blocking them or not following them anymore on social media platforms but if your ex-girlfriend hasn’t done that yet then it means something. 

Its either she doesn’t want to cut all the ties over the night or she still wants to be updated about your whereabouts and your ongoing life and with such intentions, there is a great possibility of her having you back in her life.

Your Ex-Girlfriend Discusses About The Memories With You

You are sure that your ex-girlfriend hasn’t move on when she talks about all the past memories she has with you. She gets you and recalls about all the things you guys used to do all time together. 

It can be anything from shopping together or strolling around the neighbourhood. These small things would make her heart melt and remind her of you if she still got any feelings for you.

Your Ex-Girlfriend Opens Up About Herself

It is very common in opening up about oneself to another when you are in a relationship but if your ex-girlfriend still opens up about her feelings and the fact that you both are not together, how much it affects her. 

These are quite the signs where she wants you to know that she misses you and would really want you back in her life.

Your Ex-Girlfriend Is Not Dating

It is common for people to meet and date people after their breakup. Even in some cases, there are men eagerly waiting for the break up to happen so that they can try to fill in the shoes and be a consolidated shoulder to cry on. 

However, if your ex-girlfriend hasn’t seen or dated anyone even if it is after quite some time from the break up then it definitely means she is not over with you yet and is seeking for reconciliation.

There are cases where a couple reconciles just after their breakup after realizing their deep and inner feelings about each other. However, many people tend to ignore these signs where their partner wants them back. 

There are either not playing attention or just don’t want to come back. Either way, there are signs by which you can tell that whether your ex-girlfriend wants you back in her life or not.

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