Dating During Divorce: Points to Always Keep In Mind?

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Separation in a relationship is quite difficult and it is even more difficult when the couple officially ties knots with each other. Divorce is one such thing which is a turn in the life of both people in a relationship.

A lot of reasons, dissatisfactions and situations may force a couple to take this cruel decision. But the fact that “life goes on” is true to itself.

A divorce doesn’t mean that life has stopped, at some point in time you have to move on. But just during the divorce phase, it is not right to date someone else. Here are the reasons why.

Are you dating just for the sake of moving on?

If during the divorce phase you are just dating for the sake of moving on then this is nothing but messing up with your emotions. You haven’t already come out of one relationship where you are thinking to give birth to another.

This not only could affect your divorce but the relationship with your new partner. It is important to stabilize life and most importantly your emotions before you actually fall for someone in your life.

Can take long for divorce to get settled

No matter what situation has led you to take the decision but this little action just too early can be a testimony against you. This can increase the rage in your spouse taking it longer to settle. Maybe they can prove that you had already been cheating on them making the case stronger at their side.

After the filing of any divorce, the settlement period is allotted in order to give a second chance to the relationship if in case there exists any misunderstanding. If you indulge in any dating during that period then this will decrease the spouse support you are about to receive.

The decrease in spouse support

As alumni money, your spouse is supposed to pay you an installment of money on a monthly basis. Just in case if your spouse figures out that you are dating someone else, then they may agree on a lump sum amount of money that can lead you to a greater loss.

According to the law, the spousal support extinct when you get along with someone else in a relationship.

Your property distribution can be affected

It might be possible that you want to opt for property distribution rather than going for spouse support. The possibility could be that your partner may disagree with the property settlement due to obligation against you. They may think of their own interests as you are already dating someone.

You can’t think of your child’s custody

If you want your child custody then this can be a negative sign against you. This will be a problem as your spouse may not agree with the family relationship between your child and your new partner.

Your dating will change the parenting time with your child, leading your spouse to worry about the custody. Often this is a scene that it is difficult to raise a stepchild and this is the same thing that your soon-to-be-ex-spouse might be thinking off.

Your child has a wrong image about you

Divorce is just not between a couple, but your children get disturbed too. They have seen their parents together since the beginning and want them to be together like any other “normal” family.

Your dating will eventually distract the attention that you need to be involved in parenting them raising a question in their mind. It might be possible that they already are not ready to share you with someone and their mind start acting in a negative way.

The worst could be that your child starts judging your character and think of you as the reason for their parents to get separated. This may lead to hatred for you and your new partner in their heart.

You don’t have enough time to think about your decision

It might be possible that the decision you took was mere because of misunderstandings and there was a second chance that you could have given to your marriage. But when you are already dating someone else then that means you are trying to exempt all the emotions that you had in your marriage. You will never think of giving a second chance to it then.

Marriage is not a game-play. It is just not some dating that can end up if the feelings change. You need to analyze the situation and understand the relationship before actually taking a decision for divorce.

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