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Besides Video Chat, Know These Interesting Facts About Myanmar!

Myanmar is a part of Southeast Asia. From Burma to Myanmar the country has come across a great journey of growth evolving a medley in the religion of people, the customs they follow and the food they eat. There are different ethnic together that forms the nation with a single language Burmese which coalesces them all together. Buddhism sways the culture of this country inculcating Mon sincerity and realism. The economy is growing rapidly with increasing years stabilizing the living archetype of people.

Evolving strong changes in the country, it is helping the nation increasing its literacy percentile to a greater extent. Weather of this beautiful place varies thrice a year. The summers bring an intense rise in temperature with less rainfall and a dry environment, which changes to cold winds during summer. The rains are certainly unpredictable and thus people carry an umbrella most of the time.

During summers people wear easy linen clothes which changes to warm layered clothes during winters. Certain places in Myanmar are meant for complete meditation. Sitting beside a lake and introspecting oneself. Taking out all the secrets, and relieving yourself is the best part that people do while interacting with nature in this country. The colonial buildings of Yangon stand high keeping up with the beauty of the country.

Several boys practice Buddhism and invest their time at Buddhist monasteries from a very early age. Youths of Myanmar actively participate in social events in order to keep up with the growth of the nation. Like any other youth, they love watching regular TV series, hitting parties and finding their love on social media. They spare their time watching golf, football and many other outdoors. People here often like cooking Shan-style rice which is finger licking. Something that makes the country unique is the men who wear skirts. No, they do not look feminine. These skirts are called longyis that come in both masculine and feminine styles. There are tribes with long necks that live in Myanmar often wearing a number of rings in their neck.

People of Myanmar believe in true love. There are several who have presented best love stories to the world with detailed signs of love and relationships. Stories like Yar Thet Pan signifies the forever bond of love and relationship. Luck is often considered as the biggest belief of people in the country. They respect their cattle and thus do not like including them in the food they cook. They treat their cattle as their family members and even worship them.

Gifting cattle are often considered as bad luck and thus they always mark a note to it. Sundays are not meant for gifts. People here believe in not gifting hijabs on Sundays and are often considered as a bad habit. Women of this country use natural makeup which they carry out naturally from trees and sand. They have an emotional heart with melting emotions. Every job to a woman here is important, she may be a nanny to a kid or worked a salesgirl at a store.

Women living in Myanmar hold equal rights. They know how to make her own decisions and do not repent it later. They understand the situation well and turn cranky in difficult situations. Most of them are traditional wearing long skirts paired up with cute bright tops. They become best wives and know how to take care of their family. Men of Myanmar do not look for women in bars or nightclubs. They prefer women who follow traditions and know her roots. They always appreciate women who are independent and know their rights.

Most of them have a keen interest in the current affairs and thus like dating someone who is more updated. If you date a person from Myanmar, no matter a girl or a guy, they will treat you equally. A relationship with equal partners is often the best relationship as the decisions made are always right.

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